What breakfast containing protein can be had when you don’t have time to cook or fry anything?

Logan W.
Greek yoghurt is always a lifesaver for these types of situations. I know Greek yoghurt is usually very sour so top it off with some fruit and you’ve got yourself a nice mix of protein and healthy sugar. I’d also recommend an instant protein shake, but make sure you understand that this is NOT a complete meal, no matter if it says so on the label. You can drink this with a granola bar, which I usually do, or some fruit. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck! You are already doing so great, just by having the mindset to change. 🙂
Mae U.
1 container non fat fruit flavored yogurt half cup 2% cottage cheese one half to 1 whole bananas 1 to 1.5 Tbsp. Nuts all mixed together in a nummy parfait!
Aquilino E.
I eat a LOT of high protein yogurt. There are many brands who offer low sugar, high protein options. Lately my favorite has been Siggi's plain yogurt with walnuts and figs.
Florent O.
Stock up on Pure Protein bars. They're quick and full of protein. Also get a small Nutri Bullet, some whey protein powder, green tea powder and flax seeds along with frozen berries and bananas. It's super quick to make and you can take it with you.
Sammy F.
Smoothie with peanut butter or protein powder, apple and nut butter, or hard boil some eggs for the week one evening and have them ready to pick out of the fridge.
Rosina Q.
You could have a greek yogurt, nuts, granola, and/or a glass of milk. If I am in a rush, but I need food to take medicine, I grab a greek yogurt and a glass of lowfat milk.
Samuel I.
I have a serving of Greek yogurt with two tablespoons nut butter and blueberries. This is my protein, carbs and fruit for the morning. The single serving yogurts with the fruit in it has too much sugar. Don't do that to yourself. Pack the yogurt and fruit the night before so you're not rushed in the morning. Add the nut butter in the morning.
Prep the night before and you'll have a great morning.
Have everything you need in one spot so you don't have to open every cupboard looking for your intended ingredients.
Try adding shaved coconut and mango.
Good luck.
Marin E.
If I don't have time for anything to be made normally I will try to grab a protein shake or if I have left over meat from a binder the night before I will take and eat that.
Alexandrino F.
When I don't have time for much prep I take an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter to eat on the go. Another good way is to prepare food the night before so you can heat it up quickly and then eat.
Liva X.
First off, I think fried foods are terrible for you. Secondly, protein is easy to get if you stock a couple protein bars, have a scoop of protein powder, or even some salty jerky.
Alfred Z.
Boil a bunch of eggs on Sunday to eat for the rest of the week. I’m also a big fan of Rx Bars, which are all natural ingredients, no added sugar, and great in protein.