If/when you have eggs for breakfast, what do you accompany them with?

Naomi Kelly
Something meat,like bacon or ham, a sandwitch and vegetables. It s a rather large meal, but i eat a small lunch and dinner. Works great for me.

Gerald Cole
I start with some peanut oil in the pan, then I add raw peanuts and pan fry them slowly over low heat until they start to brown. While they're cooking, I mince garlic and chop a little onion and capsicum or chilie. I add the garlic next and turn up the heat. Don't cook the garlic or onion too long because it'll still be in the frying pan at the next step. Leave the capsicum still crunchy when you pour in two scrambled eggs. Cook the eggs quickly mixing with the other ingredients. Enjoy your peanut breakfast scramble!

Tobias Sørensen
I prefer to have hard boiled eggs with some boiled vegetables/sprouts sprinkled with black salt, 2 slices of brown bread and a glass of milk.

On some days, I have scrambled eggs or a whole egg omelette.

But make sure to prepare them in low cholesterol oils. Olive oil is recommended. Also, prepare them in less oil. It keeps the tummy happy and food still yummy.

Chloe Montgomery
I’ve started making a large frittata on the weekend that I can use as breakfast throughout the week. That way I can get eggs and tons of veggies without having to worry about taking the time to cook each morning (and the dishes that come with that!). My current frittatas have kale, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and soyrizo.

Guilhermina Barros
I usually pair oatmeal with cinnamon and honey and a bit of salt with my eggs. This is fast and easy and fiber is a great filler to feel satisfied.

Max Palmer
Sorry. I don't eat eggs. Nothing I've done to try to cover up the rate has ever made them anything less than nauseating for me.

Nathan Arnaud
I love a good egg sandwich. One slice of your favourite cheese ( I like Swiss), one little roll or some bread (I use sandwich thins (so good)) and a friend egg (like a dippy egg but with the yolk cracked) it's a quick and amazing breakfast that leaves me full for quite a while.

Delores Moore
I love to make an omelette with vintage or extra mature cheese and ham. Or if I scramble the eggs then with fried courgettes and/or baked beans on a side. Sometimes half scrambled egg and the other half mashed avocado on a toast. Best not to eat fresh tomatoes with the eggs as they are not compatible foods, will give you heartburn. Grilled tomatoes and eggs are OK 🙂

Laura Mercier
Depends on how I make it but when I’m eating right – I usually have 2 eggs in the morning which are hard boiled- most times I just have it with salt and pepper and a serving of fruits – I do love pears so usually pears or carrots in the morning
Other times if I make an omelet- I add onions and peppers and have it with warm nan – sandwich on the go and that’s my breakfast

Sherry Woods
It's typically egg whites and it will be with chia seeds and a splash of Sriracha sauce. Usually with either oatmeal or multigrain toast

Silas Christiansen
I like to make scrambled eggs or an omelette. Inside I usually put cheese, ham, and green onion. I like to put scrambled eggs between two pieces of toast and eat an egg sandwich, too. I also love the classic sunny side up my mom makes accompanied with toast to dip.

Joy Hanson
I like my eggs with salt, pepper, paprika and turmeric as seasoning… normally I would put them in a multigrain wrap or on a peice of toast with some tomato and avacado. Sometimes I fry them with veggies (zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, onions and I'll add fresh garlic). SO GOOD.

Amalie Christiansen
I usually eat 3 eggs with two pieces of bacon (not the healthiest but keeps me full) and a fruit (usually watermelon or banana). The bacon could also easily be substituted with turkey bacon if that’s an issue.

Matteo Jean
I like to mix a bunch of veggies in my eggs to make a scramble – tomatoes, spinach, peppers, onions, whatever I have on hand. Then I’ll either eat it as is or with a piece of toast if I want to eat it like an open faced sandwich.

Tamara George
Eggs are my go to for breakfast. I accompany them with fluids. An energetic hot cider in the morning followed by a supplement shake. This way I still get to enjoy my eggs, with all the necessary nutrients as well as achieving that full feeling. All after my glass of water in the morning of course!

Adriana Schock
I’m like the one percent of the US, and I’m actually not a big fan of bacon, so you asked the right person LOL. I only say that because the challenge is I do have to Get a little more creative than most do you keep eggs interesting. Today I am going to slice up some Kearny Asada that I bought from the supermarket last night, and cook that up with scrambled eggs. I sometimes add a sprinkle of shredded cheese on top, and add a little bit of sour cream. I live in San Diego so ergo the south western influence 🙂 Hope this helps, and good luck building market habits

Rahel Schülke
I love cilantro, tomatoes and garlic. I make a salsa with those ingredients and I have the eggs with a side of homemade salsa. Yum!

Gesine Moor
Usually during the week I have a hard-boiled egg and an apple. And on the weekend I like to make Shakshuka, which is pretty much tomatoes and bacon and some eggs in a pan.

Jack Mason
I like to scramble with spinach, tomato, and sprinkle with nutritional yeast. Another delicious way is to use egg whites and Ezekiel bread to make French toast. I use stevia and cinnamon mix then dip bread into egg whites. Then grill. Super simple and still healthy.

Lisa Fisher
At cooking stage, you could combine it with spinach garlic and sweetcorn with a bit of paprika and pepper then lay it on a tortilla. Top with tomatoes and grated cheese.
I also find teaming eggs with a berry smoothie (or any you could make) keeps me full for longer. You could also have a yoghurt and berry with granola pot in addition to fried/scrambled eggs

Suzanne Garza
Toast – buttered toast, toast with jam or apple butter, peanut butter toast, you name it. And fruit – strawberries, grapefruit, and bananas are some of my favorites.

Debra Wallace
Usually spinach or some other leafy greens, bell peppers, onions, sometimes garlic and some root vegetables. It mostly depends on what other meals I have planned for the week. If I have extra vegetables from another recipe I’ll chop it up and eat with some scrambled or fried eggs. A really awesome ingredient I learned from the book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is to add salt and a drop of lemon juice to scrambled eggs before cooking, it’s so delicious!

Toni Obrien
Bacon or some toast with butter. And orange juice or your favorite drink with it (preferably refreshing in order for your morning to start off well)

Jansénio Jesus
I like to roast potato onion peppers and corn in the oven. You get some nice charred bits. Really good with soft boiled eggs. Easy to make batches for the week.

Suzanne Simpson
I don’t eat eggs anymore, but when I did eat eggs for breakfast, I would eat them over-medium with Rye toast. Or In my French toast!

Albin Hemmer
My favorite breakfast side is buttered toast. I try to keep it healthier by having whole grain bread and as little butter as possible.

Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, or a piece of fruit are other good options.

Jeanne Richard
I prefer bacon and toast, but if I’m trying to be healthy or need a faster breakfast I put it on an avacado and add a little lemon juice and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top.

Nelson Berry
I have been obsessed lately with making an omelet with onions, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. Then I toast some whole grain bread with some butter and top it off with chia seeds.

Hans-helmut Sahin
Usually a slice of whole grain toast with a little bit of jam. Sometimes some fresh berries. Always a cup of tea or coffee.

Tracy Moore
I have either turkey bacon a spoonful of salsa or a piece of low calorie bread that is sprouted (70 calories) with some peanut butter on it.

Zoe Steward
So, when I have eggs for breakfast, I eat them with breads, fruits and hot chocolate. Sometimes, I eat my eggs with pancakes, sausages, bacon and green tea.

Honestly, I go on pinterest to find the inspiration to know what to eat.

Natalia Wollny
It depends. During the work week, I have hard boiled eggs and oatmeal because it easier when I am getting out of the house. On the weekends I have them with bacon and toast or make an omelet.

Patrizia Armbruster
My favorite egg combination: brown some garlic and onions, cook sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach and add egg whites to that. Shave parmesan cheese on top when it's done. I add bacon (sometimes) and whole grain toast as sides. And I make a sriracha ketchup and add a little garlic powder and lime juice. So good!

Martin Berger
I use multigrain or Ezekiel toast with very light (and some days no) kerrigold irish butter.

Another favorite of mine is chia wraps, a bit of shredded cheese and some salsa, when I’m trying to give myself a treat.

Sofia Petersen
Some sort of carbs and fat. What has been working right now is a bagel with peanut butter on it. When I was leaving out the fat I was still hungry in an hour. Probably it would be better to get some almond butter and replace the bagel with something whole grain or non grain

Lyam Simon
If I make two eggs up I’ll sprinkle some garlic powder and rosemary which is delicious. Otherwise, I love making omelettes. I’ll sauté tomato, spinach, and onion and throw that into the omelette which I learned how to make on YouTube.

Kaitlin Barnes
I'll eat scrambled eggs by themselves. But I really love fried, over easy eggs. Then I'll eat those with a bread of some kind like English muffin, bagel, or toast. I also like them with hashbrowns or cut up potatoes.

Austin Cook
I usually have poached eggs on toast or boiled eggs with toast, I feel this is a good breakfast, especially if you use whole grain bread or brown bread.

Aiden Snyder
Great question! When I have a hard boiled egg, I find it’s goes very well with some hashbrowns and fruits, sometimes I’ll have a smoothie too with them! However, if I am having over easy eggs, I put then on a nice piece of natural toast and it taste delicious! Dont be afraid to experiment and find what you personally like best! Just remember to get your carbs and fruits to conpliment the egg’s protein! Hope I could help 🙂

Tasso Almeida
I don't have eggs for breakfast that often but usually I will mix some bacon bits and greens into the egg to make an omelet.

Dácio Lopes
Eggs. At home usually scrambled with cheddar and sometimes I’ll add ham and mushrooms. Slice of toast. Whole grain.

Often I will just dontwi eggs scrambled. With nothing when I know I’ve been eating to much of late.