How often do you think drinking coffee is healthy? Every morning? Less often?

Ashley F.
So, from my opinion drinking coffee isn’t that healthy. I have 2 sides of my family and one of them drinks coffee and the other doesn’t. The side that does most of the older relatives have lived to their 70’s, and the side that doesn’t has lived till their 90’s . So I would say that may be a factor? But if you are going to drink coffee drink it only like once a week. It would even be better to like opt for green tea that has so many health benefits.
Chloe N.
From someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I think drinking once a day or once in two days it’s good! I know how hard it is to cut off this habit and to be honest, you don’t need to! Just adjust this habit into a more healthy way, not in addictive way and everything is gonna work out great at the end!
Ana Lle F.
Definitely less often, the high caffeine levels in coffee can throw off your natural caffeine and melatonin levels and end up making you more tired or alternatively it can create mild to intense insomnia!
Also did you know that coffee is an addictive substance. So you could easily fall into a caffeine addiction if you aren't careful. A good alternative to drinking coffee every day is a cup of hot tea every other day. It has the small bit of caffeine you need to get going in the morning but not enough to throw off your caffeine and melatonin levels but it also has so many health benefits. And there are so many different types for many different things.
Katie U.
I think drinking coffee in time to time or less often is not quite what I feel like healthy or unhealthy ,,, But some time it's just refresh me and make me feel better to work on new thing and to grow my self a little bit ,, it's just that thing