What is your favourite/best milk and cheese substitute. I am addicted to both but as of late I’ve given them up (great results, your skin clears up immediately for starters). I’ve had luck with some other kinds of milk, but cheese-wise, nothing beats the real deal and all other substitutes are terrible imho. Thoughts?

Gail P.
Montchevre Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese is pretty good substitute. I get it at Fred Meyer. Downside is that it’s a wee bit expensive.
Janice Z.
I absolutely love diaya shredded cheese! It taste just as good as the real thing! It is hard to give up cheese, but well worth it!
Pauline F.
I really love cheese too but I never really thought of what could substitute it. Maybe one could try babybels I really love them and their really small.
Deondina C.
I would like to add some bananas in morning. It's gives the energy to workout 💪 in gym. And also some more fruits because they are easily digestable
Marine T.
I have just given them up, if I find vegan cheese I sometimes try it with mixed resaults but for milk I just stick with almond or coconut milk simply to mix into smoothies.
I do not really crave for milk or cheese, it was butter and cream that was hard to give up, but I found soy cream and coconut margerene so I have come to terms with it. It's also easier when I think about how awful I used to feel after consuming milk products, and how good I feel now.
Florent Y.
I generally avoid milk as it does not agree with my system. Curd/yoghurt is a better substitute. I am not much of a cheese eater. However, Indian breakfast has innumerable varieties which you may choose from. There is idli, Upma, poha, dosa, stuffed paranthas, etc which are both filling as well as light in addition to being nutritious. You may try them. Perhaps then your craving for cheese may wane out.
Daisy Y.
We love Goats cheese, and if you're handy in the kitchen it's not all that difficult to make a cheese from cashews. There's plenty of recipes online.
Nemo Q.
Though it’s not a complete substitute, I rely on goat or sheep milk for cheese. I am very sensitive to cow milk but I am able to handle sheep or goat milk with no problems. Goat and sheep milk cheese are delicious and pretty easy to find.
Konstantin B.
Cheese I am not sure about probably need to google for that answer. Other milk options would be coconut milk, almond, or soy are great substitutes 😊
Vanda Z.
I prefer almond milk and they have some out there with honey or bananas. I have not found a cheese substitute that I’m a major fan of but have tried vegan cheese.
Rafael U.
it all depends on if you’re trying to melt the cheese or not. sadly, the options for realistic cheese are thin, but:
-sandwiches: daiya (gouda is really good)
-cream cheese: kite hill. ahmazing!
Justine E.
Many vegans use nutritional yeast to get the similar umami flavor of cheese. You can find recipes for vegan Mac and cheese made with nutritional yeast and probably nacho recipes. It's also a great topping on popcorn or chips. You can find dip recipes with it as well. There is a delicious gravy that is also great on mashed potatoes. Nutritional yeast is the main flavor ingredient in Cafe Yumm's yumm Sauce, so if you enjoy Cafe yumm bowls, I think you'll like this ingredient. It can be found in the bulk section of grocery stores and sometimes in the baking aisle.
Kai O.
I love cream cheese on my toast. I use hummus instead. No dairy. No cholesterol.
I also eat non-dairy sorbet instead of ice cream when I want a treat.
Jesse T.
I am lactose intolerant, so I just eat the lactose free products. The lactose in food is often what causes bad skin.
So my adwise would be to go lactose free 🙂
Suzy T.
I use almond milk, it's great! But I'm not sure about a substitute for cheese. I'm sorry I couldn't help. I still eat cheese occasionally.. but I try to get a really good quality one without GMOs and all natural. Have a blessed day! Keep up the good work!
Arine W.
Hah! You remind me of myself when I first started cutting out dairy. The best plant-based cheese (and butter) I've found has been from Miyoko's, and it's actually super delicious compared to the other stuff. The tomato garlic cheese is my favorite, it tastes bacon-like. You can find this brand at Whole Foods. I drink almond milk and for extra richness, sometimes with coconut milk mixed in. As far as addiction goes, dairy has casomorphins which are opioid substances some think contributes to addiction, and cheese has the greatest concentration. It gets easier once you're over the hump. I went from bad cystic acne to clear skin people compliment me on now! Good luck on your dairy-free journey. 🙂
Daisy X.
I very much like silk almond milk original. Not to sweet but just sweet enough that I don't have to add sugar to my cereal. As for cheese substitute… I VB haven't found one yet. I'll keep my ear to the ground though. Thanks for asking. I'm always looking for for plant based substitutes. Cya
Lily S.
Honestly I have never thought of giving up cheese – but once i was doing a dairy free diet and i used lots of tofu – once you roast it little bit on the pan and season with herbs it is quite tasty and could replace cheese.
For milk, it is easier, almond milk and coconutipk are very nice.
Lia X.
I don’t understand the need to find substitutes for food that you made a decision not to no longer consume, I find it infuriating there are vegetarian meat products, how does one make a decision not to consume meat but will still seek flavors of meat?

So back to your question, I suggest perhaps just give yourself a treat once in a while and stop wasting energy and time trying to find substitutes for diary products, what if you do find a substitute and you go back to the habit of over consumption?

Dagmar Q.
I have a strong rooted love for all things dairy! When I started to remove excess dairy from my diet, I found a lot of nondairy cheeses lack the texture, tang and meltability dairy cheese has. I did a ton of research and found that non dairy cheeses that have been Made with the help of fermentation and aging have that satisfying tang a lot of vegan cheeses lack. There’s a brand called Miyoko’s that takes a different approach to nondairy cheeses, butter, etc- that are quite tasty & satisfying. She makes and sells an array of cheeses like mozzarella (that melts!) and smoked cheddar you can find in many health food stores or vegetarian markets. She also has a book of recipes which include techniques like fermenting grains which create a liquid that when added to a ‘fresh’ nondairy cheese creates that tang you don’t get from many store bought vegan cheeses. It’s definitely a time consuming process but it’s also much less expensive than buying it at the store.

I also had to give up the idea that I was going to find a nondairy replacement that would taste just like It’s dairy counterpart. I was able to put nondairy items in their own category- like potato chips VS tortilla chips- both awesome snacks, both crunchy, but not quite the same. I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself or trying to trick myself into liking something that wasn’t as good as the original.

I hope this helps!!

Lo C F.
Im in a similar position to you actually. No milk anymore but still mainlining cheese directly into my veins. Also have noticed the effect on my skin. Try replace cheese with cold meats. Instead of cheese in an omelette I started using beef salami. It's a nice change up. Also, it's winter where I am so I've just cooked a big stew (the kinda thing that tastes great but you wouldn't even want to add cheese to. Also, since it soundd like you are trying to clear up you skin, sugar is a bigger culprit than dairy I believe (but fact check that yourself). Drink lots of water too. No less than 2 litres for the average person I believe.
Allie W.
In sweden we have various vegan cheeses with different styles.
If you want something to taste like cheese, macaroni cheese for example, you can use nutritional yeast to flavour your dish like cheese.
Fanny Y.
I honestly switch between soy milk, cashew milk, and oat milk. I don’t drink a lot of milk so it takes me a while to go through a carton. I switch between milks because after a while I get sick of the taste. As for cheese, there really is no vegan equivalent. There are cheeses that get the job done, but I had to learn to make homemade substitutes for cheese since vegan store bought cheese can be expensive and where I live, they don’t have vegan options readily available (search recipes online for homemade vegan cheeses and look for top rated ones, then tweak to your liking). I also learned to use something entirely different in place of cheese in certain recipes so that I am still satisfied with what I am eating, but not missing out on cheese. Like for example, I often replaced cheese in certain dishes or on sandwiches with avocado. Some things, I didn’t try replacing cheese or even using fake cheese. I would just eat the dish without it and just got used to not having the cheese with that. It isn’t easy not eating cheese in a world that puts it on everything, but it’s very doable and you have to push yourself to make the better option for your health, no matter what. It might take a week or two or even a month to get accustomed to the dairy free lifestyle, but it really makes your body feel so much better. Definitely stay strong on your path to being dairy free! I hope I helped.
Albert P.
Unfortunately a lot of cheese substitutes really aren’t very nice. When I am really craving cheese or want to treat myself I go for goat’s chèvre (I think cow dairy affects me worse than goat’s) or have low lactose cheeses like Parmesan or bocconcini. Nutritional yeast mixed with miso paste and water makes a great “cheesy” base for pestos and pastas.
Felix U.
I love rice milk, I find that it has the closest consistence to normal milk, unfortunately I didn’t find a good substitute to cheese. My skin clears up every time I avoid lactose so I’m trying something else too!
Celestine C.
Oat milk is one of my favourite milk substitutes, especially in tea and coffee. It doesn't take too much away from the flavour of what you're drinking it with, and also tastes great by itself.
I have yet to find a good cheese substitute too
Tristan Z.
I drink oat milk (you can also try hemp or coconut) and there is a delicious cheese substitute brand called chao. There are other cheese substitutes but I find them not to be as good as this company.
Minna X.
just give up eating cheese. Find some new favorite protein food, tofu for example. What I mean – if You think of it as a substitution for cheese, it is still cheese. Just let it go and find something new that is good for You.
Tilman E.
I have been vegan for 18 years. Best vegan sub for cheese is violife or homemade cashew cheese. Best milk sub is oat milk for baristas or hemp milk. There are tons of blogs and cookbooks out there. Forks Over Knives is popular. Good luck!
Mafalda E.
It is hard one to answer, sence I do not know where you live (and therefore what kind of substitutes are available). What I did was that I knew the horrible environmental and animal wellfare consucensues of dairy. After that hummus/tahini/dairy free cheese/etc did not taste same as the cheese, but just different and quilt free. Quiting cheese is the right thing to to. Good luck!
M Lissa P.
Try nutritional yeast for cooking and sprinkling! It works great for cheese sauce and is a wonderful substitute in things like popcorn! I also highly recommend the Daiya brand foux cheeses-they offer passable quality and unparalleled variety with everything from slices to pizza!
Poliana S.
I know you don't want me to say tofu. But I am going to. Many people don't know how much water is in it. I use coarse tofu as food and silky for smoothies. Try this: take the block in your hands and squeeze it gently with your hands wrapped around it. Squeeze until you just begin to feel it fall apart. Then put it on a dish towel folded in half. Put another folded towel on top and crown it with a skillet. Let it sit 30 minutes to hours. Obviously firm tofu works best. put lots of spices on it, olive oil, garlic, a little salt, whatever you want. Just be heavy handed. personally, I did That for a few months to transition, then just dropped the Whole cheese thing altogether. you can't really replace it. Bon Appetit!
Angel P.
The best would be goat milk apart from cow’s milk, if you can’t have milk at all you can make milo with water or protein powder with water. Apart from cheese you can have egg fried with you’re food.
Johan C.
I haven't eaten cheese or drank milk in awhile. For me, they were addictive substances that once I got out of my system I felt better. Sometimes I still crave the thought of a grilled cheese or pizza but every time I've taken a bite it overwhelms my taste buds. I'm just not adjusted to it anymore so I don't feel the need for a substitute, for cheese at least. Ice cream still gets me but that's easily substitutable.
Meta I.
As far as milk is concerned i really like almond milk and you can’t really tell the difference. As for cheese I try to avoid it as much as possible. I eat it sometimes but if i feel like it is not the best idea i go for tofu because other types of cheeses made from soy are not good at all. So i cut off milk entirely but not cheese i just try to avoid it when i can.
Enola E.
I mean this sincerely – just have the cheese. Measure out 1 oz of your favorite cheese (an ounce is probably more than you think it would be!). My skin looks great when I’ve given up dairy, but somehow an ounce of cheese doesn’t mess up my skin at all (unless I’m on my period – in which case forego the cheese if you’re strong, but normally I figure my skin is going to be a mess anyway on my period). Or if you’re really sensitive to cheese, perhaps try a low-fat version a couple times a week.
Katherine U.
I haven’t had milk in years. It’s not a diet decision, it just happened to be. When it comes to milk substitute I love almond milk and the coconut milk, especially whit a hint of vanilla. I also love cheese and you’re right, nothing beats the real thing, but you can start not eating it that often. Maybe use it like kind of a “treat” when you think you deserve it.
Heidelinde A.
I either go for almon or coconut milk. Depending on where you live they might expensive and lack the protein content. Milk is usually good for protein, calcium and the hydration it provides. You could add green vegetables for the calcium and hydration. Protein you have to eat more eggs and if you don t mind for breakfast add chickens, fish, beans and lean red meats. Good ideas would be to search for japanese meals. They have great breakfast as well if you can change your eating habits
Clifton P.
Hi, It is true that decreasing dairy intake clears up your skin as I myself have tested this during my puberty phase where pimples kept growing on my face. I highly recommend this trick to all those suffering the same problem. For the milk substitute, try having soya milk. I'm lactose intolerant and that's what I've been drinking since I was a child. Although nothing could compare to cow's milk, soya milk tastes great for most people and has similar benefits. Other milk substitutes are almond and rice milk. I haven't tried either yet but I've heard that it both tastes great. For cheese substitutes, try the following: Almond cheese, Daiya cheese, cashew cheese, and kite hill cheese. These are all dairy-free 🙂