What’s a habit that helps you build relationships or gives you any boost on relationship building?

Wafa A Z.
Spending time together doing things together that you both enjoy having dinner, watching movies, catching up over coffee, going swimming and taking a walk
Pauline U.
Listen, listen, listen! Listen to what people have to say. Stay away from judging people. Just listen for the good in them and they will reciprocate.
Good luck 🙂
Vanessa N.
Vedere qualcuno anche solo per un caffè o per due parole, uscire ogni tanto di casa mi fa sempre bene, anche quando non ho voglia…
Georgia U.
By getting up early enough to do the things I commuted to. I know that I feel better when I start my day with positivity. It boosts me mentally and physically
Olivia P.
Trust.. give them what You want to have or how You like it.. Never expect something From another. Nothing is logical. Everything take it as a New experience
Arron A.
Asking every day my partner how his day has been and have a small conversation about different things and opinions. Recently we are discussing the matter of building a house and we exchange ideas of how we imagine our house. Another thing I do is that if something is troubling me, i don't keep it for myself but i talk about it and i seek help or advice. This really helped building my relationship stronger and healthier.
Flavie Z.
It depends on what relationship it is. But every relation has a unique way in which it should be handled. For instance, if it is a father son relation, the son and father should find small talks to sit down and talk about each other. The son should try to be (not entirely) but occasionally dependent on the father. Some fathers like to have to take care of their sons and do things for their sons. And after the father comes back from work, the son can ask how his work was and things like that. Depending on what relationship it is, how you maintain it varies. If it is a husband – wife or girlfriend – boyfriend relation, try not to be judgemental about each, appreciate each other and be happy even for small things together, dont keep secrets no matter how bad it is(being truthful and sincere is the most easiest yet relieving path in a romantic relationship), try your best to not loose trust in each other, dont believe the gossips among other people about ur other half, unless you hear his/her side of it.. These are a few and there is a lot. As i said, depends onw hat relation it is ypu have different l ways in cherishing it. But mostly in all relationships, TRUST is one among the bases. HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP 🙂🙂
Kristin P.
Nothing helps me in building relationships, I don't make any habits that could help me. I try to be myself and act so that the other respects me
Ann R.
First I make my bed and pet my cats, I do a quick strech, change to my school clothes and clean my face.
Then I come downstairs greet my parents have breakfast and I have to walk 25 minutes to get to school.
Victor Q.
A habit for me is being able to talk to the one I’m in a relationship with. When your able to interact with one another you can open up either faster and/or easier. But at the same time it will still take time 🙂
Afza N.
My self care and self grooming helps me to build relationships and I feel more confident when I worked on my physical and mental well being..