I prep egg muffins to have in the morning. What does anyone else prep? Please, no overnight oats. Something for the picky among us!

Paul R.
I don't have a question i just really want to thank you guys for helping me change!!!Keep doing this awesome job!!! With love from Cyprus!!!
Lena A.
I make blueberry muffins and wrap them separately then freeze them, that them in the oven and they taste freshly baked! Theres lots of lo cal muffin recipes online as well if you're trying to watch your weight
Noah Z.
I usually eat 2 scrambled eggs, a couple slices of good cheese, a toast with some tomato and avocado and some blueberries. Hope you have a great day!
La Za Q.
I’m a fan of breakfast quesadillas! Make them with egg and other goodies and freeze them for later. I wrap them in tin foil so they’re easy to pop in the toaster oven after they’ve defrosted and all the cheese gets gooey and it doesn’t mess up the tortilla shell to badly 🙂
Benjamin X.
I have been making muffins with greek yogurt, whole wheat flour, oats, and lots of cinnamon. I will either crumble them in yogurt or top them with a tbsp of peanut butter. Any single fruit I have with a quarter cup of mixed nuts also does the trick, too!
Molly N.
I don't do any night time prep on a daily basis. However, I do prep weekly for a smoothie each day. I make a bag of ingredients ( frozen mango, chia seeds, with blueberries, or spinach, kale, and flax seeds) and put them in the freezer. Then I use yogurt and coconut water with each bag to make my smoothie in the morning. There are a few other ingredients I add sometimes, like kiwi or cucumber, especially if I'm making a green smoothie.
Sarah W.
I cook bacon for the week and keep it in baggies in the fridge. I also do cottage cheese, grapes, protein bars, Greek yogurt with a little honey and some berries. Eggs are also a big one for me as well though. Sometimes I put a little cottage cheese on lunch meat and roll it up to eat. Lots of protein is key! I hope this helps!
Timothee Z.
Mini frittatas are great and easy to prep. Just pop in the microwave. Hard-boiled eggs are Also easy and you can have with a quick peace of toast
Jonas Y.
Greek yoghurt with blueberries, sunflower seeds, raspberries, honey optional instant oats sprinkled and a drizzle of honey. 😀
Olivia O.
You could try chia seed pudding. It’s kind of like overnight oats but like a dessert. You could also try breakfast burritos. They have great protein and you just have to pop it in the microwave!
Caitlin R.
Tastes are different, so here are my go-to breakfasts:
-slice of cheddar, a piece of cold salmon or beef jerky and some fresh crunchy veggies (carrot sticks, cucumber, bell pepper)
-cottage cheese with salt, black pepper and olive oil, a few greens on the side
-Kodiak cakes (pancakes or waffles made ahead and frozen, pop into oven or toaster) with butter or peanut butter
-granola, walnuts, fresh apple in a bowl of whole milk
-chocolate protein shake
Jacqueline W.
I personally prep smoothie bags. It’s where you take a ziploc bag and add whatever fruits you want like frozen berries and bananas. Then in the morning you pop it in the blender and add milk or ice or whatever you want to add to it. This with a healthy breakfast bar or granola bar is great for when you’re on the go because you can just put your smoothie in a to go cup and you’re set. Hope this helped:)