What do you eat for breakfast? Do you have a healthy go-to meal that’s easy and nutritious?

Ann E.
Crack 3 eggs in a jug, little bit of milk (like a shot glass), little butter (like the amount you use to butter a slice of toast) and a little salt. Mix it all with a fork, throw it all in the microwave (in the jug) for 1 minute. Put a slice of bread in the toaster. Stir the egg, back in for 30 seconds, stir. Back in for 10 seconds, stir. Put on the toast. Enjoy!

Mae N.
Cereal is my life. I also love some peanut butter on my toast…sooo yeah could be less carby but i can at least say for certain i never skip breakfast 🥞 💕

Arlene O.
1/4 cup quick oats
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp pumpkin spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves)

Add hot water and enjoy with milk of choice. I do not add any sugar. This is fuel for my day not a treat.

Jules O.
I personally love eggs, smoothies or oatmeal! There fast and easy and you can prepare smoothies and oatmeal the night before so you’re not rushing in the morning! If you like smoothies you should try to put some type of protein powder in there(I prefer matcha powder) just to kickstart you day and keep you full until lunch! I hope you succeed on your amazing journey! Good luck!😁

Carin O.
I don't know how easy it is, but for me I usually try and eat a banana first thing before I do a bit of exercising, then I fry up a couple eggs and toast. It might not be the healthiest, but some times I also add a strip or two of bacon and melt some cheese for a potentially not so healthy bacon egg and cheese sandwhich. One of the more easier and definitely healthy options I've stumbled on is plain Greek yogurt. Put some honey in it to sweeten it, nature valley makes protein grenola so I usually put tht on top after I've mixed the honey and yogurt together then I put some blueberries or raspberries on top. Hope that helps!

Mason F.
Both my wife and I have chopped fruit, generally bananas or pears, with blueberry live yoghurt and some chopped walnuts.

Jasmin Y.
Mostly it's almonds and apples. Sometimes depression in the mornings really jars me and I hope with it by staying in bed doing nothing. I run out of time and I dont care. However, I keep working on building rewarding habits that are effective at balancing out depression and keep me moving forward. With the app's encouragement, I've found that I can respond positively to letting go of the negative emotions I have and focus on doing things that will benefit me. Breakfast never seemed like a big deal, but I've found that it's a bigger and better thing to address than soaking in the physiological depression hangover that follows me out of my sleep. I can accomplish it, and it feels good to be able to do that.

Johanna Z.
I take my time with scrambled eggs. Put the pan on the lowest heat possible and put a lot of butter in. Put the eggs on once the butter has melted and just wait. Don't scramble. Once they start getting done, scramble them bit by bit, adding salt. They should be moist, but not oily at the end. I have tomatoes or cucumber or peppers with this and sprinkle pepper and paprika on the eggs. You can add chilli flakes or powder to add a kick. Toasted wholegrain bread on the side and then I grab nuts and dried fruit to go to work.

Duane U.
An apple, yogurt and blueberries. I HATE eggs with a passion so I don't usually eat them. I eat anything that I can quickly prepare the night before and eat once I get to school.

Maciel P.
I make a big pan of eggs, with veggies, and ground turkey, sometimes cheese and have it to eat all week. Just warm it up.

Nino S.
I've been eating a lot of bananas when I don't has as much time to make myself somehting in the morning. I find they give a lot of energy and are satisfying to eat, easy to eat on the go and sweet so fun to eat. Otherwise plain oatmeal is really good and filling and super nutritious and I add trail mix from Trader Joe's that has nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips in it so it makes the oatmeal really interesting 🙂

Mylan Y.
I think so. For example, I'm eating:
* salmon with cucumbers and cheese ( which you can spread on bread )
* humus with avocado and cucumbers
* milk with cereals

Ricardo N.
I usually eat vegan milk with organic muesli, I like this type of breakfast so much that I usually bring it with me even if I have to eat it on-the-go. I just love to put the warm milk in a thermo bottle and that’s it! My recommendation for an easy, healthy to-go breakfasy is overnight oats with some fresh fruit & almonds on the top!

Lena C.
I fix mine the night before and take to work since I start so early. My favorite is scrambled eggs with asparagus on the side

Herminia T.
Overnight oats with nutmilk, dried fruit, nuts, and a tiny bit of maple syrup is a favorite of mine. It requires prep the night before, but then makes the morning really easy. Sometimes I'll add fresh fruit in the morning to it too. If I failed to prep the overnight oats, kimchi scrambled eggs on a slice of gluten free whole grain toast is my backup. I mix together 1 egg per person with a healthy portion of kimchi, then scramble the whole thing in a pan. It's quick, tasty, and relatively healthy. It's also easy to make for 1, 2, or more folks.

Expedita C.
Yes I have a healthy breakfast mainly smoothies at the miniute but I have some wonderful recipe for the body coach ( Joe wicks )

Caroline W.
I usually have some low fat yoghurt with whatever seasonal fruit there is and granola. I may include a whole banana depending on what's in my mix already. Sometimes I have an egg fried in some ghee and sausages. Also some toast using seeded bread.

Lori P.
I know carbs aren't great. But I like to have a bowl of total cereal with skim milk and a small flavored yogurt. I figure it's good to start with something that I like and is easy to stick to rather than something I hate and will give up right away.

Alberico I.
Usually I have a protein shake and some fruit or plain Greek yogurt with fruit and honey. I don't have much time to eat in the mornings so I like things that are fairly easy to grab and go. Sometimes I'll make bannock or scones on the weekend so I have them to grab and go with me. I always have a protein shake though. It fills me up, is quick, delicious, and still gives me the protein I need for the day.

Stacy U.
I start my day with 2 plain glasses of cold water then a cup of black coffee. I try to include as much proteins as possible even in my breakfast. This could be in form of sprouts, eggs or milk. For sugars to provide an instant energy I prefer fruits. I also have coconut water on my way back from gym to maintain the electrolyte balance. All of above is consumed over an interval of 4 hours in the morning.

Irmi E.
Eggs are great, not only can you make them in many different ways but also provide lots of good protein.

Also oatmeal with berries or yogurt with seed/nut granola.

Everett E.
White yoghurt of the greek type (with fat), with some nuts or dried fruits, or a sliced apple/banana.

That’s for when I really don’t have time to fix a warm oatmeal or eggs.

Scarlett T.
Fruit & yogurt when I’m on the go. When I have more time, eggs w spinach, black beans, cheese then put salsa and avocado on top is my absolute favorite! Cheap, healthy and easy.