Must this meal have protein, or oatmeal with spinach also OK?

Marsha Z.
I don't know why questions like these are being asked to random users. I am not a nutritionist, neither are most other people. This kinda question is going to get a lot of pseudoscience fad diet answers.

I will give my best answer anyway:
– Do you need to eat food that contains protein? Yes.
– Does every meal you eat need to contain protein? No. If you just have a piece of fudge for lunch and nothing else that won't kill you. (I'd hope you have a healthy dinner though.)

Finally, and most importantly:

Oatmeal is actually very high in protein (amongst grains), and spinach has some protein in it too, so in answer to the question: IT ALREADY HAS PROTEIN!

(In fact it is possible to get all the protein you need just from plant food.)

Joshua C.
Spinach actually has more protein per oz than meat! Oatmeal is also a good source of protein.

Proteins will help you feel full longer and is a healthier nutrient than carbs. Keep doing your best!

Alberte U.
Oats are a good source of protein , and spinach is too. The protein in spinach contains all essential amino acids, as well as vitamins K, A and C.  It is a good source of magnesium, iron, and potassium, and a decent source of calcium. I think there's no need to add extra protein.

Ana F.
It’s okay. You can get your protein in another meals on the day. But if you can add whey or something like that gonna be better 😉

Maya O.
I find that what ever your heart desires is a great way to start your day. It is not so much what you eat but how you feel about eating it. Keep it simple both sound like very good options.

Peaches Z.
Having protein in every dish is important since it sustains and nourishes you throughout the whole day, but then again if you feel that your other meals have enough protein to cover your needs, you shouldn't be worried that much since every food that we consume has somewhat an amount of protein on it's own. But if you really want some protein with your meal, eggs are an incredible and easy addition to your diet for their versatility!

Georgia J.
Yes i think this meal must have protein because it gives you energy to start the day i havent tried oatmeal with spinach and i don't know but you can also do a smoothie with spinach and you can also do oatmeal with whatever you want:)

Swapnil T.
Your body needs protein , most probably 1gm per every lbs. Protein is used to repair and strengthen your muscles and without it you might get protein deficiency which will make you weak , feeling tired all the time and you will feel sick , so yeah use protein and make sure you have plenty of it in your diet but also don't forget other nutrients and minerals , vitamins , good luck and all the best for your fabulous Journey