What if I miss one or two breakfasts, what will happen to me overall?

Fatima T.
Nothing would happen over all. The danger is it becoming a habit. And once we break being consistent, we'll get used to it.
Emma E.
I find that missing breakfast keeps me tired and rundown. I’m less likely to get going if I don’t eat. I then end up making a poor choice like eating something super sugary and processed or going out and spending money. I think getting up and preparing breakfasf(and who am I kidding, coffee too!) helps me wake up and find motivation to get stuff done in the kitchen and complete my other tasks. It’s worth it to make breakfast the most important morning task. Try not to miss more than one breakfast a week; strive to not miss any.
Adam F.
If you're like me you might end up getting discouraged and get a domino effect where the rest of your habits fail. I'd recommend eating anything to count as breakfast so you can continue rocking on.
Grzegorz T.
It wouldn’t hurt at all, but if you want to build a habit of having healthy breakfast, try not to break the streak for more than 2 days. Cheers!
Sam F.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the days you miss it you will most likely feel like you have less energy. It's alright to miss a day or two, just get right back on track. You got this!
Jar U.
Nothing.. It is okay to miss certain routine sometimes. We all have unexpected events happening in our life. In stead of stick to one specific thing, what's more important is the awareness.
Justin E.
If you miss one or two breakfasts, what will happen to you overall is simply a chance to start over small. Don't count it as a defeat; you are not entirely the reason for missing out anything. Rather, acknowledge that this has happened and move on.
Carla F.
There will be a sense of deception because of the pressure that you put on yourself toward achieving your goal, but overall, it really depends how use to eat a breakfast you are by now. You might feel weird or tired if you skipped it when you usually don't and if it is fairly new to you you might just feel like it is not your thing when in fact you are only at the start of a journey in which not everything will be a success at all time. So, forgiveness and perseverance are key 🙂

Asta U.
One breakfast missed every now and then will not ruin your progress. If you miss more than one in a row however this could break your habit and make it harder to be consistent with it in the future. Try to never miss a habit more than one day in a row 🙂
Robin U.
Nothing bad! You will likely have less energy that day, until you do eat your next meal. It is probably best to have a little something to fuel yourself, even if you cannot prepare your ideal breakfast. But if you have to skip it I think that is ok. From a calorie and nutrition standpoint, my understanding is it’s more important what you eat on average over the course of the week, than at any given day or meal.
Adam W.
What might happen is that you could fall into a relapse of not having a good breakfast or even breakfast at all. I can tell you from experience that eating every day truly does make your life easier and much more enjoyable because, when you don't eat after eating consistently you get into mood swings and NOBODY wants to be in one of those. My advice try to avoid that and if you know you have a busy schedule where you know you're gonna have to skip breakfast plan ahead make yourself breakfast the day before that way you can just grab it and go.
Camilo P.
I don't think that anything bad will happen to you if you skip breakfast for 2 days, but try to be consistent, and after this 2 days start your routine and habit again and try not to skip it.
Gerfried U.
At firstyou may be hungry, feel sluggish etc. Until you eat. Remember that each day is a new day. Prep the night before to make sure you have breakfast the next morning. I personally have a hard time eating breakfast so I'm starting with some organic protein shakes with organic almond milk.