so I have to wake up and leave pretty early in the morning and eating that early can make me nauseous. why does that happen and how can I fix it?

Silas P.
Sometimes it is how much you eat or what you eat or both. Eating a small amount can some times help. I also find that a carb such as bread can be mor settling than an egg. start with what feels good and move to healthier options later
Eric F.
It has been my experience that sometimes our bodies are not ready to eat so early in the morning. Or our body is not ready for certain foods.
I found that i could not eat cereal with milk early in the am, but i can handle cooked oats with some fruit and a little sugar.
Sometimes it might be best to let your body "wake up" first. So.dont eat for an hour after yoy wake up?
Glen Z.
Do not feel obligated to eat in the morning if it makes you nauseous. I don't know if you know intermittent fasting but it can be a good thing to skip breakfast, as long as you eat one or two nutritious meal during your day that are packed with wholesome ingredients and no processed food.
Vitaliano Q.
I follow time restricted eating so I dont eat early in the morning. But I use the reminder to prep and pack my breakfast for later. That way I know I'm going to eat breakfast and it will be ready for me when my stomach is ready.
Euclides Q.
Don't eat. Look into intermittent fasting. As I removed crappy processed foods (which help reduce carbs dramatically) I found I was never as hungry. I've fasted as long as 48 hours. No loss of performance, no 'hangry', not even really hungry. If you want more science behind it, look up Dr Peter Attia.
Ultimately, do what works for you. There is no one size fits all answer to stuff like this.
Nurten F.
I used to have the same problem. I found that eating too early just meant I was eating before I was hungry or eating too much. My solution was to eat a light breakfast after I got to work.
Anita S.
It's normal and it happens only when you are not in the habit of it or maybe have never eaten that early. Start with less food, maybe a fruit and a glass of juice/milk. Slowly your body will adjust and your appetite will grow and you won't feel nauseous anymore. Start small, gradually keep adding to the meal untill it's a full fledged meal that will keep you energized till the afternoon. Good Luck.
Mah Q.
That used to happen to me too so I tried all sorts of things. But what worked for me the most was eating smaller meals in the morning. Something the size of a nutrition or protein bar, or a healthy breakfast shake. I was never one to eat breakfast in the past, but after finding out how important it could be, even a small amount is better than nothing. I also found out that taking vitamins in the morning made me nauseous, so I switched to taking it at night.
Lukas O.
I’m not exactly sure why eating at an early time makes you nauseous, but too get around that maybe start by drinking juice or water and mid-morning having a breakfast of fruit and cereal.
I hope this was helpful!


Letitia Z.
For some people eating early is an issue. It's not for me as I'm an early riser as I start work early. They should start with a large glass of water with lemon squeezed into it….and maybe grab a banana or some other fresh fruit. Even a smoothie would go down well. Eating breakfast sets you up for the day and keeps you going.
Timothy O.
Why, I don't know, but to fix it, I found if you eat or drink something gentle first thing, go about your routine, then eat after some time has passed it helps. Even if you have something ready made that you grab on your way out the door. But there is some newer research that states that while breakfast is super important, wither you break your fast first thing or a little later doesn't actually affect you as much as people imply, it is what you break your fast with that is more important.
Titouan A.
I have a similar issue where a full meal too early in the morning will make me nauseous. My body's routine was used to not eating early, so I had to slowly change that. Hot drinks in the morning will wake up the digestive system, and I started eating a few almonds in the morning or some dried pineapple or banana slices, which has helped me.
Paul O.
I’m not sure why it happens, but sometimes I have the same thing! I’d recommend trying something small for breakfast to see if that helps. I fell in love with cocoa dusted almonds, and a handful of those keeps me full and happy 😊
Are you able to eat at work? Some mornings I bring vanilla yogurt, slivered almonds, and blueberries to work and just go to town when I’m actually ready to eat. Honey on top is a nice added treat too.
I hope this helps!
Ragendra S.
Start by drinking a bottle of water. Wait a few minutes then eat something really small such as a hand full of nuts or a piece of toast. Eventually your body will ajust to eating early. You could try a few peanut butter crackers to get some protein. If nothing else listen to your body. It is suggested to eat with in an hour of waking up so you have time to eat a little later if need be. If you go that route I would suggest settung a second remimder on your phone with the rest of your ritual so you do not forget to come back and complete it.
Lily Z.
I go for a lighter option, a small banana with a some nuts for example. I find that better than something more substantial. Its also easy to grab on the go if you are short on time.
Messias T.
I'm not sure why that happens but I think it is common. Maybe starting out with some water and just a bite of something or a sip of juice before you start getting ready will get your system warmed up. Then when you are more awake, you can actually have breakfast.
Filipo P.
I usually wait an hour or two after waking to have breakfast since I wake so early. If I leave the house early too, I take a piece of fruit for the drive
Emil Z.
Pack a healthy breakfast and eat when you're ready, but within 2 hours of wake up. Nausea can be caused by low blood sugar, but sugar isn't the answer, mixed breakfast of fiber, complex carbs, and protein will help you the most. Try Greek yogurt with fruit and oats and eat it slowly (with a spoon) over a comfortable period of time.
Maxine S.
Hey dear! While I cannot help you with the “why” question, but maybe try eating something something small in size (like an energy bar) or even drink something nutritious. My breakfast is usually 2-3 tbsp of oats mixed with 1 cup of soy milk, and a little bit of that not only goes a long way, but also helps with digestion and good for your body. But please try to eat at least a little bit of something, and your guts will thank you later. 😊 hope this helps!
Melanie A.
I understand exactly how you feel,especially the nauseating feeling in the morning if i eat breakfast, i think it is because our body is not used to eating or having to break down anything that early, so the our bodies try to reject it,thus causing the nauseating feeling. I suggest starting off with a spoonful or two of peanutbutter or nutella. Both contain protein and a burst of energy to start the day off. I hope this helps
Nicole E.
You don’t have to breakfast before leaving home, you can have breakfast as soon as you get to work or even one hour later.
Isaiah E.
I find that I most often feel nauseous in the morning when I didn’t get an adequate amount of sleep the night before. Oddly enough, eating something usually makes me feel better when I feel like that.
Evelyn Z.
I don’t know why, but watching my partner it seems to take practice he never used to eat breakfast but last week he said he was into it now. For myself I sometimes start with a mini breakfast a banana or a couple spoonfuls of yogurt. Then pack my breakfast and finish it at work once my stomach is ready. This also gets me to work a bit faster, so no guilt eating cause I arrived early
Martin F.
Give it some time, your body will get adjusted. If not you may not be a breakfast person and that's okay, as each one of use has different needs and pocess individual physiological characteristics. If after trial you still don't you can have a meal in the morning, experiment with a light healthy snack, such as nuts, and fruits.
Glen Z.
I don't know why it happens but I used to go through phases of not wanting or having time for breakfast. I used to keep cereal bars in my bag and have them when I got to work with a brew 😉
Melvin Z.
Not sure of the science, but I have the same problem. It's worse for me if I didn't get enough sleep, and it's better if I get used to waking up at the same time regularly and having even a little bit to eat or some juice. I wake up, immediately drink a little water (literally 4-8oz or so), and then it seems like finding something small that my body can handle- I've done a couple graham crackers, a little bit of fruit, a mini muffin, or a small cup of juice- sort of "kick-starts" my metabolism for the day and lets me eat a real breakfast half an hour or an hour later, instead of waiting several hours for my body to remember that food exists. If I do that for a few days or a week, the side effect is that I can handle something more significant or a full meal right after I wake up. I tend to pack breakfast in my lunch box and eat it as soon as I get to work, or I'll pull it out and eat it at home if I'm running early & my body feels up for it. I get motion sickness, and having a drink to sip on my commute (water, coffee, juice, doesn't seem to matter what) helps keep the nausea away/under control. (Sometimes plain water doesn't feel good to my nauseous body so I'll do a splash of lemon juice in it, or brew herbal tea the night before and let it cool on my bedside table).
Dave Z.
Don't know why you feel nauseous but take breakfast with you to eat later. Prepare it the night before and you're good to go!
Djalmo E.
I'm not sure why it happens. Some people just have a hard time getting their body to kick start in the morning. If you feel sick eating when you wake up, you can try taking breakfast with you to work/school and eating when you get there. I used to have this problem too so I would have a coffee in the morning first and sit for a bit. I also have to get up really early for work, so I understand the struggle. But after a while I started getting hungry earlier and earlier. Now I need breakfast before I can leave the house. I think it comes down to training your body.
Wyatt U.
Try eating nontraditional breakfast foods like lean meat, cheese, or a few nuts to get started. You can add a midmorning snack with fruit or veggies and hummus to keep up energy.
Isaac F.
I have the same issue. My best guess is that even though you are awake, your digestive system is still "asleep" so to speak. I usually have a liquid breakfast such as a nutrition packed smoothie. It seems easier for my stomach to start with as apposed to an omelet or other solid foods. If it doesn't hold you over, you can always pack granola bars to snack on or whatever to get you through till lunch.