Any tips for running outside in a cold winter climate?

Thomas J.
I recommend bringing a jacket or long sleeves of some kind if available, so even if you warm up during the run, you can simply remove the jacket and continue! Also remember to still drink plenty of water, as you still require hydration even when it is cold.
Lambert X.
I prefer walking and running in winter, that make me feel the natural and stronger to faced any bad thinking I have.
Ellie C.
Ensure that you have warmed up in side previous to your run. Really make sure your muscles and bones aren’t stiff or sore. Always try to layer, because as you know you will get hotter as you run despite the temperature outside of your body, so if you are able to remove a light jacket do so. And if you don’t know what to do with it after just tie it around your waist.
Benjamin Z.
It is freezing!!! So is it for all, but what about the ones who don't have that privilege, the one where you can stay indoors while on a cold winter climate. Running outside then is similar to facing the adversities and still struggling to succeed. This is when you truly test against the world. The fight for survival of the fittest. So run out in the cold, be it just a chill time, but face the harsh reality.
Miguel S.
Just wear a sweat/soft coat and a training pants, under the sweat you should use a training shirt. After running some time you will start to warm up and you can take off your sweat/soft coat, using only your training shirt. You can put your sweat/soft coat attacked in your waist. And you must use earphones for the best experience!