If you are trying to not eat any sugar or grains what is a good sweet substitute?

Hugh T.
To be honest, every time I try to cut our sugar entirely, it doesn't really work–I burn out quickly. For me, I try to focus on moderation and eating health(ier) sugars. I eat a good deal of fruit in my morning smoothie with PB and Protein Powder (that is natural and tastes great, so it feels like a milkshake) and I cap the night off with some dark chocolate to look forward to. AND I let myself have a tasty treat every now and then, because if I go cold turkey I tend to get cravings after a while and then binge.
Noam Y.
Fruits! Fruits are primarily glucose, so they are sweet and provide a boost of energy that is good for your cells. There are so many types you can experiment to see which are your favorites.
Jonna Y.
Det hjälper genom att man får mer energi om jag äter mest nyttigt såklart är det okej att äta godsaker men inte varje dag
Peter E.
A good sweet substitute from sugars and salts would be more natural sugars like those found in fruits. These can not only boost your energy levels but also boost your immune system.
Sarah R.
Fruits or dried fruits are some of the best substitutes! You can also make a bowl of oats with milk a spoon of honey with frozen
Kristin T.
Fresh fruit is good as a topping on yoghurt. When I'm baking I often use ripe bananas and no sugar in cakes. Dried dates and other dried fruit are good as well in oatmeal and other porridges
Romane T.
Well, do you mean processed sugars and grains or just the whole category of each? Humans need sugars, but fruit will do. I think there are sugar substitutes like honey though. Grains is a big category and they are important. You should figure out which specific ones you don't want to eat and eat the others.
Jordan Z.
I think there is no good sweet substitute. You should gradually reduce the levelof sugar entering your body and and some point replace it with low-fructose fruits (sour apple varietes, kiwi, raspberry, black currant, strawberry) and add some vegetables at your every meal. That should do it