What do you do when you miss breakfast

Grzegorz T.
If I’m hungry, I usually have a spare snack in my bag just in case. A small packet of granola, some mixed nuts, sometimes even a little to-go cup of protein powder. It’s something fast that I leave in my bag for when I need it, which h inevitably do.

It’s also possible to make good choices when you go out for food, which is especially useful when you’re not prepared or forgot breakfast at home. I’ve been there.

Try looking at options ahead of time so when hunger strikes and you’re left stranded, you still have options. Plain bagel with peanut butter and jelly, a bowl of oatmeal with fruit, or even peanut butter crackers from a coffee shop can be an option at the last minute. Try to see if you can customize your meal to have the most nutritional value and the least junk to fuel your day.

Louise O.
If I’m working that day, I’ll have a healthy but more filling lunch, if I missed breakfast on a day off it’s likely that I got up later than planned and would have had a small lunch instead.

An L L.
Depends on what is missing
If I am too busy for a full breakfast I make a fast cereal bowl or have a banana smoothie etc.
If I miss it completely I just carry on with my day as usually paying extra attention to my cravings and trying to portion the day with some extra healthy snacks throughout the day or perhaps a small toast somewhere along the way

Ignatz T.
I very rarely miss breakfast. Sometimes I will eat breakfast later in the morning, if I have slept in. But I am usually hungry in the morning so that motivates me to have something to eat.

Emma C.
I drink something fulfilling like a smoothie and eat nuts or cookies and I take a kinda brunch like lunch to balance it out

Kent J.
I eat a bigger lunch or a late snack. And sometimes I end up eating too much later. I feel it takes more time for me to gain energy in the day than if I would’ve ate breakfast. Most of the time when I skip breakfast is when I had a late start to my day.

Giulia E.
If it’s possible, I try to make up for it whenever I am able. If I can drink a glass of juice or buy a bottle while out, I do. When I worked in an office, I kept oatmeal packets in a drawer in case I didn’t have a chance to eat at home. If it’s possible to have a few things around like granola bars that you can grab if you miss breakfast, that can help too.

Vanessa N.
By regularly skipping morning meals you are more susceptible to weight gain and at an increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol, besides you would decrease your energy during the day.

Atharv S.
Whenever I miss a breakfast I simply take a mid morning snack.
For a mid morning snack it is better to have lighter and easier foods to digest such as fruits.

Monica U.
If I miss breakfast, I tend to be hungry for a long period of time. So I get something lite to eat. After many rounds of missing breakfast I have resorted to fruits for breakfast, so that even when I'm running late I can grab an apple.

Adam Z.
I’m not one to usually miss breakfast, but that doesn’t me I haven’t. If this happens usually I will grab a coffee and a bagel or and egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. it’s not the best choice but it has an egg in it. If I don’t have time to make a big breakfast my go to is a smoothie.

Albane Q.
Make sure I have healthy options I can bring on the go like granola bars or cheese and fruit. If I totally skip out I make sure I have a high protein lunch.

Miguel Q.
Usually have coffee and then start drinking water. I’ll get very hungry around 10 a.m. and if I have some crackers in my office, eat those. If I do not have any crackers I will wait it out until lunch . If I end up waiting for lunch, I tend to overeat at that meal.

Pat S.
I try to grab protein bar boxes so I have breakfast on hand before I go, but if I run out and haven't got any at home, I either try to stop for something on the way or a protein bar or something from a gas station on the way to my first appointment of the day

Albert A.
I just drink more water and start doing something else. I can have lots of reasons, but normally this happens when I'm sad.

Alex J.
I fast until 10:30 if I miss this time frame I shift my eating so lunch becomes "breakfast", then I lunch around 2 or 3 pm, and finally dinner around 6. My feeding time is condensed this way. Which I do not know if it is how it should be done. But for now it works for me.

Bridget N.
Short answer, I don't. Long answer is that I have backups always ready, a protein bar and a bag of nuts in my bag, at the office, and in my go bag. I always have something high protein & high good fats available if i cannot make a proper meal

Janet U.
Missing breakfast or having poor one makes me feel really exhausted all the day. Sometimes I order food when I reach the workplace and other times waiting for lunch and take a big meal.

Elizabeth C.
I really struggle with breakfast, but as a minimum I'll have a banana to start the day which is something on hand to grab as I head out the door.

Cecely I.
I try to drink plenty of water and eat as soon as possible. I also try to make sure I still take my vitamins.
Missing meals can contribute to a lot of unwelcome things, including gas/indigestion. Keeping your system satisfied without over filling, or needlessly snacking, throughout the day is important. Definitely stay hydrated.

Marla O.
I seldom miss breakfast but if I really am pushed for time I quickly make a smoothie or take some fruit with me where I’m going. My snack box usually has nuts and dried fruit so I can grab a handful of those as well. I also make sure to drink my litre of water so at least I am hydrated.