What type of diet is the healthiest ?

Eline Z.
High in protein with piece of fruit and plenty of water
Antonin Z.
I think a conscious diet is the healthiest. We all vary in what we need and what our outcome goals are, if you have one. So anything that provides what you're looking for is best for you. For me that's lots of greens and proteins. Less carbs, no alcohol.
Reinhardt O.
I think it depends on the individual. Personally, I have tried a lot of specialized diets and find restricting entire food groups (like keto diet or vegan diet) isn't something I can stick to long term. Lately I am finding that by focusing on adding things to my diet, it's easier and less stressful. Like instead of worrying about what I can't or shouldn't eat, I think about what I can add to a meal to make it more healthful and filling. My breakfast today for example: I could have just made eggs and toast, and that's fine. But if I cook up some peppers, onions, and spinach first I can add that to the scramble. Then I will be adding some veggies to my meal and it will help fill me up more. Keeping these healthy "add-ins" in my fridge and pantry makes it easier to actually add them in!
Loivaci Y.
Anything high protein diet which satistes your hunger levels depending on how active you are. I ate whole banana and spoonful nutella suggested by fabulous. Choose what keeps you full and avoid what your body rejects!
Alfred Z.
A diet that is rich in healthy fats (avocado, coconut oils, almonds, fish), protein and low glycemic index carbohydrates. Balance is key! 🔑
Bianca W.
Fresh food that you prepare yourself because processed food is expensive and unhealthy.

Balance and variety with in season foods so that your diet isn't extreme or lacking.

Measured and informed so that you know what you need, and what you're getting. Measure your staple foods once – it's a bit of effort but then you can write down the results.

Don't blindly believe everything you see on the internet, or everything people say. Read multiple sources, actively seek out differing opinions and use your judgement.

Elizabeth W.
This is a very debatable, and often times controversial question. While there are many different eating philosophies and diets out there, the main thing that pretty much all agree on is that limiting sugar intake is good. Usually to zero if you are trying to be very disciplined. Beyond that, it gets controversial. I would mainly try to eat as little processed food as possible. One way to do this is to cook your own food from scratch 🙂
Sarah O.
A balanced diet with a mix of all the food group. Not restcitive but mindful of unhealthy foods with sugar salt and fats.
Jan Q.
I’m not an expert but my research and common sense tells me that real food is best. Avoiding most processed foods and sugar. Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies a few nuts and seeds and lean meats works best for me.
Victoria E.
Don't follow diets, just make sure for every meal half of your plate is veggies and the other carbs, add in some protein and snack on fruit and nuts.
Heinz G Nter X.
There is no healthiest diet, there are definitely some healthier than others in general but which one for depends on what you need physically and mentally.
Anja F.
No diet i dont go on a diet because i can eat whatever i want but also i pick the heather option like instead of milk chocolate i do dark chocolate because it is heather and like instead of soda i just dont drink it it is easy because i can have lemonade or somthing and i noticed it kinda taste better i been on no soda for like 6 months now and i think you should try it to ! And i am only 11. Make great choices!!!love bree
Ralph Q.
Whole real foods with only one ingredient. Get a balanced mix of vegetables fruits proteins and some healthy carbs. This is hard to answer in a short sentence bc everyone is different but the key will be real whole foods
Hugo O.
Whichever diet suits you, that you can live with long term, is the best. Build your menu with mostly fresh vegetables, fruit & whole grains. Add a moderate amount of eggs, meat or fish and a small amount of fat from healthy sources, such as olive oil, guac, nuts; butter only if it's grass fed. Steer clear of processed and fast food as much as possible.
Jorge N.
Not to diet. Change habits that fit your life styles, routines, and frequent companies or change one of the other variables to fit best a healthy, easy, satisfying food choice.
Lucy X.
A Whole Foods diet. Limit white foods like sugar, pasta, bread and refined foods. Opt for water, vegtables, fruit, seeds, nuts, protein.
Alicia I.
If you working out regulary!
Just trow out use of soda juices and sweets, candys!
Reduce bread and doe input, use rice, red pottato…

And you can preety much continue eating anything else. Plus start taking some vitamins, calcium, magnesium ect..

Thats the best way to not make your body missing of any important ingrediant.

Rossano Q.
I assume you don’t mean gimmick diets so I’d say the healthiest diet is a mix of everything. Predominantly vegetable based, whole grains and then protein. Non processed is best. My favourite breakfast at the minute is wholewheat bread spread with mashed avocado, scrambled egg and smoked salmon. I follow it up with mid morning fruit.
Marliese J.
I don't think of a diet, more of a routine for the rest of my life. Good foods, moderation in amount, plenty of water and I have research supplements relwvant fir my age and state of health. Hope that helps. Good Luck