Should we skip breakfast and have brunch instead?

Damien O.
Not really, I love waking up in the morning and make eggs, bacon and have them next to apples and strawberries. And then I get to watch my flowers and the garden and then go for run and hike. So waking up early is essential for me.
Nicole S.
No I think it's a bad idea. Not eating in the morning will have us less energetic to do things and drains our body and mind. So instead of saving time and money we can save a lot more later
Diane O.
I say if that is what feels right for the day, brunch is generally shared with loved one. Can feed the body and the soul.
Tilde A.
It depends. If you are doing as part of an intermittent fasting plan, you will probably eat brunch as your first meal. If it's only because you didn't have time, the answer is no.
Hadrien F.
No, I do t think so because the first meal of the day is always the most important and it gets our brain working on the start of the day, if we decide to have brunch instead then it will cause our stomach to become use to it and we will end up gaining more weight.
Andy O.
No breakfast early will help get you through the morning. If you're doing the fasting challenge (I've not yet) I'm guessing using brunch could be tough.
Sophie P.
I never feel hungry first thing in the morning! I struggle to eat a good breakfast, especially on work days but also on weekends.
But if we wait to brunch, then lunch becomes later and dinner becomes later and then we are eating too late at night.
Brunch is a treat, not a regular thing…
Ruben T.
I work in shifts and weekends. Sometimes for me the option of brunch is better because I optimize my routine and I rest the time I feel I need.
Franklin J.
In an ideal world no, breakfast is the starting point (after drinking my water) and does always help me to get out of my morning slump. However, there are times when it just isn't possible to eat breakfast and brunch is the next best time (although breakfast foods are eaten at that time)
Owen S.
The thing about having brunch is that you will be hungry just before supper time and then hungry again just before bedtime and then your sleeping routine is affected and you will go to bed with your food not properly digested.
Axel Z.
I already had breakfast I prefer to call it breakfast cause I wake up early and by 11 I would have had breakfast and drunk my water
Mathilde T.
It's better to have breakfast so that you are jump starting your metabolism. Make sure to get healthy proteins and avoid provessed sugars as much as you can 🙂
Edna C.
You want to do something that you can actually commit to. Breakfast is important to fuel your body after a night of fasting, but if you're not hungry when you first wake up, split your breakfast with brunch. I get up, have something to drink and a piece of fruit and then after my morning exercise I have a more filling brunch.
Alban Z.
No we shouldn't skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you a boost for the day
Louis F.
I wouldn't suggest that. I think it's better when we actually eat first thing in the morning because it provides us with the power and energy needed to have a fresh start.
Todd J.
Breakfast is a big part of your day and if u skip this meal u will find yourself with no energy and u will end up eating more sugary foods to give you a quicker energy boost
Elise W.
No you shouldntt skip breakfeast because ar brunch time you would be really hungry and it more then you should at breakfeast
Adele Q.
Depending upon how late you wake up and how early the brunch is maybe you could skip it if you’re getting up and going directly there if you have an hour between getting up and having your brunch and have a little snack even if it’s just a few almonds quarter of an apple or a glass of milk