Did you eat breakfast before Fabulous?

Resi E.
I didn't today. But I did make sure to drink my water. I am making myself more aware of making sure I eat something in the morning.
Melanie O.
Yes I almost always ate breakfast. But not always a high quality high protein breakfast. It is interesting to note the differences in my mental clarity and mood (later in the morning) when I eat eggs and toast vs. milk and cereal.
Clifford Z.
It was extremely irregular, and most of the time I didn't. Now that I created the habit by using the app, I'm very happy in the morning and more energetic
Joana W.
I always ate breakfast, until recently when I tried intermittent fasting for about a month and a half, then my body told me to go back on the breakfast train. But not all my breakfasts are as nutritious as it should be. Mostly cereal. Then by 9:00 I'm dying of hunger again. I should try as much protein as possible.
Kalinka F.
Sometimes…I was super inconsistent with it. I also wasn’t always eating the best options. A pop tart while I get the kids ready…they’re leftover pancake or waffle. Things like that. Now I’m drinking kale smoothies or fruit every morning.
Benjamin X.
Of course, I always did. During my childhood it was a bit scarce because of lack of time and goodies, but in my late years, it was maybe too much!!!
Chiara E.
Sometimes, yes…if I was hungry, i would eat breakfast. If not, I wouldn’t eat, but would normally have a coffee with cream.
Connie J.
Yes, prior to fabulous I ate breakfast every day. My boyfriend however is not a breakfast person, yet after doing The Whole 30 in conjunction with Fabulous he now has breakfast every day.
Joshua A.
Yes, but because i has already learnt during a very stressful time; where I had forgotten that eating was a fundamental thing for me, I was so focus on my job that I don’t think about myself. I realized the hard way that in order To be energized, to think clearly and to be able to work properly, healthy habits were important
Marie Z.
Yes I did but I now realize that’s really important and it’s clearer for me to know what to eat. I love the advice of preparing it the day before. What a gift to come back from my exercice routine and having a delicious and healthy breakfast waiting for me !
Heldemaro P.
Yes, however fabulous has really helped with consistency. In this modern world it is so easy to get out of touch with your body and that gentle reminder can be really helpful…
Cec Lia Q.
Yes. I have eaten breakfast for the past several years, though what I have eaten has gradually gotten healthier over time.
Hailey R.
Yes, I always had something with protein for breakfast before fabulous. The protein keeps me full all morning and allows me to work and concentrate.
Ronnie W.
Yes. Breakfast is one of the most consistent parts of my daily routine. On the rare occasions that I didn't eat breakfast I felt completely terrible; I was light headed, nauseous, and dizzy. It is far easier, and healthier, to get things done when there's fuel in your body. Something I found that helps is having breakfast options that I can take with me on my commute, like bananas or protein bars, so I don't always have to worry about sitting down for a meal. Even if it's small get something in you so you don't crash early in the day.
Leah F.
I took a cup of coffee, and abt 11 am I had some snacks. Now I prefer to have some cereals or banana in the morning, and good lunch in 1 pm
Ezequiel F.
Yes, I always did!! But drinking water every morning was something I wasn’t doing! I would have a coffee and call it a day!
Adelmo P.
I did eat breakfast but never first thing in the morning. I would run my morning errands and sometimes eat as late as 11! I would be feeling physically sick and weak by then so I knew it was not good for me. Now I mostly grab a fruit to take with, sometimes with some nuts and yogurt.
Guido Y.
It was very rare for me to eat breakfast before fabulous, and I'd be drowsy almost all day because of that. Feeling alive and alert is a huge change for me
Ross F.
Yes. My regular breakfast was already a healthy one. Protein bars are a good option for a fast breakfast, but I would come to rely on them and they are too expensive.
Judith F.
I have been inconsistent with eating breakfast. It has been almost a mindless thing…going through the motion and going here or there wherever the wind blows…never intentional.
Maureen J.
I’m a breakfast lover and I’m used to have breakfast every morning. However, I’ve noticed that taking breaks sometimes is good for my digestion. Which is why I practice intermittent fasting once in a while. But mainly, I’m just listening to my body. If I’m hungry, I’ll get a breakfast, if not, a good cup of green tea or hot water & lemon and I’m good to go!
Jonas N.
Often skipped, tried IF for a while too. Always left me ravenously hungry at night and led to over eating, snacking before bed or drive-thru fast food on my work commutes home. A big breakfast now keeps me on point all day.
Adam Y.
I would never eat breakfast. But now I do eat mostly because I know how it's important for my well being and productivity.
Valentin O.
Unhealthy breakfast everyday. Just muffins, waffles, packackes, croissants. Anything that can be done in 5 minutes or less and using the microwave.
Rosalyn O.
Before Fabulous, I did eat breakfast. However, it would either be an un healthy breakfast or at odd hours. The breakfast would be more of a late lunch. Now, I try to have an early breakfast. It makes me feel good that by 10 am I've had breakfast.
Alexandra Q.
Yes! But I didn’t always eat breakfast. I started eating breakfast when I decided it was time to get healthy FOR REAL. 6 years and 55+ pounds (lost) later (and 15 pounds of muscle gained), I can’t skip breakfast.
Pauline C.
I have school so I get up at 5:40 a.m. but as much as could, I did eat breakfast. Maybe it was just a banana, maybe a delicious granola, a sandwich, a propper Turkşsh breakfast or only a handful of walnuts. It depended on nothing but the time I got.
Vivan O.
I have most of my life breaked my fast sometime before midday as I am doing now but more consistently. I like crossing it off the list which makes me complete the task more often than not.
Leslie X.
No I did not. I would always think that I would or I should, but by the time my chores are done, it was noon. And I would go straight to lunch. I personally hate fruits and salads. That was also a reason why I neglected it. But knowing that I have to check the tick mark, I made an effort the past two days. Too bad I am sick today and can drink only warm water or soup. I hope I continue this habit!
Cathy O.
Yes, I love breakfast. It's often what o look forward to when going to bed. Instead of thinking about the long list of to-do items I think about what I'm going to do for breakfast! I also do intermittent fasting so I try not to eat my last meal too late so I can eat my first meal at a reasonable time. Sometimes this doesn't work out, I'll be working through the 6-8 window so I'll eat my last meal around 9 and then wait to eat my first meal of the next day until about noon to stick with that but I need to be more strict with my schedule and play. Out eating dinner by 7pm and no later so I can wake up at 7am, exercise, shower, put on my face and get dressed so I can eat breakfast at 9am.
Quaresma N.
Not really. I would sometimes eat a quick bowl of sugary cereal or even a breakfast supplement. I always thought, “I really have no time to cook”! But since making this change, I feel so accomplished so early in the morning!
Joe S.
Yes, absolutely. It’s the most important meal of my day. It wasn’t always like that. A trainer saved me and taught me it should be non-negotiable, essential.
Edgar Y.
Sometimes! I think I would put it off to make sure I had a “proper breakfast.” Now, I give myself permission to just grab something healthy and go without a production. Just do it, I guess!