What is a healthy, but easy to prepare breakfast?

Alberte G.
I love home-made egg bites, preferably in the instant-pot. Mix some eggs, veggies, yogurt, and spices in the blender, then either bake at 350 until they’re fully cooked, or steam in the instant pot for 12 minutes. You can get recipes on google and molds on amazon.

Alma Y.
Poached eggs and avocado are great healthy breakfast especially when on the run to get kids to school when you are in a rush! I love doing this because when you sit down and have time to relax that savoury taste of goodness never gets old!

Roberta Y.
A bowl of fresh fruit, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries perhaps a banana with natural yoghurt and some granola. You can eat it with a spoon or put everything in a blender with some oat or almond milk and make a quick fruit smoothie. Yummy!

Megan G.
My oatmeal is modify: 1 Grated zucchini, 3/4g chia seeds, 20g oats, 100g soy milk no added sugar (something half apple) and boiled everything in a small pot.
My favorite topping: cinnamon, natural peanut butter and berries

Ricardo T.
Hard boiled egg topped with salt, pepper, and maybe a little chipotle mayo. Chicken sausage, avocado, and a little sautéed spinach is an extra protein boost. In a hurry, you can never go wrong with two hard boiled eggs. 💪🏻

Teresa Y.
I usually make some yoghurt with berries and a little bit of crunch, and then a couple of eggs and some avocado on the side

Sergio S.
A slice of toast, 1 tbsp peanut butter, half a banana and chia seeds on top is perfect with a glass of almond milk too!

Yogurt with fruit, honey and oats is also good x

Liva W.
2 scrambled eggs with 2 tbsp of mozzarella cheese — spray a pan with oil and cook over medium heat.
2 slices of bread.
and a cup of orange juice.

Benjamin O.
A couple go-tos for me are scrambled eggs with a side of leafy greens (balsamic dressing) and oatmeal. Overnight oats are another no-hassle breakfast.