What do you do for exercise in the morning? I can’t wake up the rest of my house at the same time ahaha

Nanditha N.
I wont wake my whole family. ..I will work on my room….and also while exersicing I wont use any tools , I just follow fabulous make me fabulous exercises in my balcony with door closed.
Abdelfettah F.
I wake up early but here there a lot of people (I'm living in place where I work) so I'm trying to do my best tobe wake before of them all and prepare my breakfast (because only one WC & only one fire to prepare breakfast – MY ENGLISH 😅 I'm not native speaker -)so when I finished what I have to do for cleaning and preparing my tools to work I find no time to do exercices, for info's I smoke 2 cigarettes every day before I start working it cost me money and 15 mins from my time😔
Elaine Z.
Dobro se istegnem, to mi je najvažnije, a onda uradim i neke od vježbi za snagu. Najčešće je to plank, nekoliko trbušnjaka i čučnjeva. Kada ne stignem da vježbam, tog dana radim neki drugi fizički zahtjevniji posao. To mi odgovara jer ukoliko prije toga uradim i napornije vježbe, onda brzo postanem umorna i bezvoljna za rad. Željela bih da, kada bude ljepše vrijeme i još više učvratim naviku vježbanja, trčum ujutru i nekim drugim danima, naveče vozim bicikl.
Karolina Z.
I use app Fitness Woman. It's simple and has short exercises. You start from 8min workout first day. It keeps me motivated and it's quiet.
Nandin R.
Morning prayer yoga
Series of movements, repeating it
The first day 5 times
Or the first week 5 times
Next week 10 times
Increasing it however you want
Ianis F.
I go for a run 3 times a week and I follow the couchto5k program by nhs. If is raining heavily, I do some stretching. Putting an alarm and get your clothes ready in the evening it's a good habit 🙂
Malika E.
sameeeee I'm like sO clumsy and I can't be quiet in the morning and I also have school so I literally wake up eat and go so I have no time but if I wake up earlier I just do 5 minutes stretching and I go to school in foot so my tip is just combine something that you do with something you have to do and you'll get a healthy exercise smushed sandwich 🙂
Katie J.
I as well live in an apartment, so it’s hard for me to do small workouts. Without my family or neighbors complaining. Although a great workout for the beginning of the day, can be small stretches. Or even mind exercises like these!:)
Chiazor H.
I love to jump rope because it gets my blood pumping. However these days I love to stretch and do an and waist exercises