Should a great breakfast be a big dish or it could be even something fresh and light?

Annie J.
It’s easier to start of with a small snack, especially if you don’t normally eat breakfast, and then you can gradually increase the amount until you reach a substantial amount. It will help give you energy and prevent lots of snacking of high sugar foods throughout the day. It is also the first step to get into a routine, making you feel like your are in charge of your day and what you do.

Emily N.
See size of the dish doesn't matter but you should eat in the morning and never skip any of the meals, if you eat in the morning you will feel fresh and energised so I would suggest that at the starting of the day you eat good complete healthy food. I hope this helps

Bella T.
See it doesn't matter whether the size of the dish is small or big but you should eat something that is good which keeps you energised till you lunch if you eat more its okay but the thing is you should never skip your meals and most imp you should never be hungry in the morning because good breakfast will keep you fresh and will feel healthy and energised. I hope this helps.

Terri E.
it depends how you feel in the morning, a big breakfast could weigh you down but a light breakfast could sometimes not be enough to fuel your body.