What are good gluten/dairy free quick options or snacks?

Cathy F.
I would say that a banana or some fruit is a good and healthy quick snack or cereals or maybe even sometimes something sweet
Petra Z.
I like to make a mix of nuts and dried fruits (ie Cashews and Cranberries or chopped dried plums) to add to my yoghurt or just eat on their own as a snack.
Jackie Q.
The other day I put almond butter and strawberries on a plain rice cake and it was delicious! Hummus with veggies is good too:).
Mads U.
In my opinion some filling, nutritious, and yummy snacks are fruit, veggies and hummus, apples and peanut butter, nuts, vegan yogurts, and whole grain chips!
Veronica F.
A delicious bowl of homemade oatmeal is one of my favorites if you have more time on your hands. If not I love non-dairy yogurt or apples with nut butter or celery with nut butter and raisins (ants on a log). Hope that helps!
Amalie Z.
Grimm's Turkey and chicken pepperoni sticks are certified gluten free. Pair that with an apple and a dairy-free cheese round (there are some great soy and nut-based cheese options out there), and you have a healthy snack that has fast digesting carbs for a quick burst of energy, protein, and slow releasing fats that should keep you satisfied or longer. 🙂