I am preparing to give up sugar and I was considering removing dairy at the same time. What is a good substitute for dairy?

Mike Payne
Daiya cheese is ok, so delicious is way better and ciao is the best sliced cheese. For milks oat tends to be a fan favorite

Sherry Chavez
I like plain (not flavoured or sweetened) almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk but my favourite is an almond/coconut mix. Enjoy!

Zachary Hughes
Try unsweetened almond milk to replace milk. If you are cutting out all forms like cheese, cream yougurt. There are lots of vegan options with soy but be careful soy has conflicting health benefits do some research to see what fits best for you . Hope that helps

Élsio Melo
I have pretty much cut out all dairy for the last two years. If I need creamer I use coconut creamer if I need a base like yogurt I use Greek yogurt which has a small amount of dairy in this process different.

Sebastiano Kroll
Depending on what exactly you desire from your milk. If you have allergies to foods that contain nuts or soy, cashew milk, soy milk and almond milk are not preferred.

Rice milk seems to be a suitable enough replacement. There are other viable milk options available, but, research them first before consuming.

I usually use the nut-based and soy milks and can only attest to those. If your preferred milk lacks certain dietary needs, you can talk to your healthcare provider/physician on supplements you can use along with your milk.

Suzy Robertson
Soy milk provides calcium and plant based fat. I try to use the lite version when I can find it. Some dots have additives to thicken the milk. I avoid these. Read the ingredients list. Original Silk brand seems to be best. Avoid soy products made with GMO soy.

Carl Jørgensen
I don't know tbh. If you are lactose intolerant there are several lactose-free products out there. Cheese is very low in lactose so it shouldn't be a problem. Focus on the sugar. That shot is poison

Gustav Hansen
Oh, I love answering this! A satisfyingly workable solution for me is to substitute avocado in dishes that use cheese, like in egg scrambles, or avocado toast.
Avocado also works for creaminess in a smoothie, as does coconut milk. Cashew cheese is a good cheese substitute on pizza, or spreads. I like coconut milk or hemp milk for my coffee drinks as they can mimic the "bulk" of milk/cream. I think you'll need to experiment a bit on what "mouth feel" you're aiming for in your cheese substitute, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what other flavors dominate in your dishes when you leave the cheese out. Hope this helps!

Noah Sørensen
I think when making a lifestyle change slow and steady wins the race. I would cut diary first as it is in less products than sugar and doesn't have the strong hold like sugar. A replacement milk depends. Almond milk is great once you get used to the consistency, it is watery than milk. Cashew milk has the creaminess. I would stick to non flavored nut milk. When you quit sugar your body actually goes through withdrawls. And your body needs natural sugars. I would start with soda, then high fructose corn syrup (need to read the back label with all the ingredients and look out for the other names high fructose corn syrup can be named), after that cut processed sugars and replace with honey or maple syrup. Fruits are your friend and will taste amazing when you are done with processed sugars. You can blend frozen fruits (alone) and boom sorbet! Get orange juice where the ingredient list only has 1 ingredient, oranges. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to feel better when off of sugar. Dont quit it feels amazing. Also when you want to try a candy or soda just be careful of not totally binging. Hard to get back off the sugar. That's what I did. No sugar cold turkey 30 days. It was very hard but worth it. However day 31 I went nuts and had shakes, cake, pie, candy, and soda. But now I understand the slower you take it the longer it sticks. 🙂 good luck!

Nabor Moraes
Nut milks such as almond, soy and cashew are great substitutes. There are also the nut cheeses in the same variation and nutritional yeast gives a very yummy, cheesy flavour with all the nutrients you need to pastas and dips!

Asta Rasmussen
It depends what your tastes are. We have not consumed dairy for years. My husband likes unsweetened soya milk and I prefer unsweetened almond milk. For a cream substitute we make cashew cream. I’ve heard many people love oat milk. If you’re looking for higher protein then soya is best, but for lower calories then almond milk is better. The best advice I can give you is to try allll The alternatives until you find something that works for you. Good luck

Cássia Da cunha
I found almond milk to be good. There are a ton of nut milks and coconut milks that taste amazing. Give it a try and see what is best for you.

Emil Poulsen
I’ve switched to plant based “milk/dairy” options. There are a lot of options available in grocery stores now. I prefer pea protein milk unsweetened. Splenda for sub sweetener during transition from sugar. Finding alternatives is key. Try, taste, find your likeness.

Sélène Robin
I am personally trying to do the same thing so I suggest to look up for plant-based options, like soya milk, coconut milk, oat milk, rice milk ect. You can look up on the internet what option is the best for you. For other dairy products look up for ingredients such as legumes and none-lactose options. Hope this answer will help you.
P.S. Sorry for my English if the answer has some mistakes. English is not my first language.

Mads Madsen
Any vegan option. I like to say soya milk is equivalent to full fat milk. Almond milk is like semi skimmed milk and then coconut milk is on par with fully skimmed milk. There’s no good substitute for cheese in my opinion but there are a few good ones. Just search them. And the. Tofu is quite qood as long as you flavour it well

Oliver Christiansen
You could try smoothies with cereals and seeds, like oats and chia. Mixed and blended they have the consistency you find in a smoothie with dairy and you will feel great. You can also add some powder supplements like maca Or baobab. For other meals, you should try tofus: there are even tofus smoked, with olives , tomatoes, etc. Is great added to salads, like the old style Greek or Turkish salads. Enjoy!

Fábia Novaes
It depends on the recipe. Soups: raw cashews soaked for several hours in water, Smoothies: any non dairy milk (watch for flavour creep in some recipes), ghee for butter (you can make your own for a fraction of the price of store bought), chilled canned coconut milk for baking… Lots of options. I have loved the "Oh She Glows" Cook books, "whole 30 quick and easy" and "the whole Smiths"as go to recipes that are dairy free. My young kids also enjoy many of them as well!

Fabio Boyer
My two favorite substitutes for dairy are calcium supplements and almond milk. I have actually given up sugar already, and can say that although it’s a tricky thing to give up, it’s very worth it.

Elias Jensen
Coconut oil and almond milk are my go-to's for butter and milk. I haven't found a good substitute for cream in coffee yet 🙁

Maëlle Andre
Almond milk is very good. I have discovered Karma Flaxseed Milk. It works well in baking. Nutritional Yeast can be used as a cheese substitute.

Carolyn Nguyen
I think you can still eat Greek yogurt guilt free, with fruit or what ever you can to get the same pleasures you get from other yogurts. We still need dairy in our diet just have it less, or smaller portions. Removing sugar is the best ever.

Eddie Mitchell
Most People, including me, recommend soy milk for a substitute as it seems to taste the most like regular milk. The only problem with soy is that it has a lot of hormonal affect on the body. This is why I do not recommend it to a pre-pubescent or pubescent boy. It has been shown that soy tends to activate more estrogen in the body. Estrogen is a hormone that is more common in females than males. If you are any age woman, or a grown man, then go for it! But, if you are not a fully grown man then I recommend staying away from soy, not just in milk replacements, but in your day to day diet at all. Obviously, some soy sauce won’t kill you! But, it is not recommended to have everyday. If you have more questions, I encourage you to research soy’s affect on your body or talk to your doctor or nutritionist. Have a good one!

Milo Lacroix
I am lactose intolerant but I had no idea about it until I finally started going to my doctor. At first I tried to only consume dairy when I really needed or wanted too. I'm also deficient in vitamin D and calcium, so I thought I HAD to consume dairy. After talking with my doctor, she ensured me that almond milk and coconut milk and great substitutes and that I could simply take a supplement for calcium or vitamin D if I needed more. There are crazy amounts of almond and coconut products out there now and I prefer them over dairy any day. Not only are they better for me and easier to digest, but they also taste much better. Toast to a happy tum! 🙂

Ross Scott
Dairy is supposed to provide you with calcium, to make up for this loss, eat more brocolli, bok choy, soy, tofu and fish are all good sources of calcium. Giving up excess sugar is good I WOULD Not recommend going off sugar completely though.

Ingeborg Bohn
Soy milk is a good substitute for dairy, as ut gives a lot of health benefits. Though, removing sugar doesn't necessarily need to remove dairies. Dairy products have a lot of good benefits and even if it's packed with calorie, the benefit is much greater.

Julie Andersen
As you probably know, there are many drink choices to replace cow milk: e.g., almond,soy, oat, cashew, yogurt (lassi), & kefir. There are even more. The good news for you is that most of these have an unsweetened version. I prefer almond milk, but I also like soy & lassi. I enjoy "taste tests." If I want to know whether I prefer one item or brand over another, I cover my eyes & have a friend give me a taste of each, & then report which I preferred!! If you want non-dairy substitutes for ice cream, butter, etc., I haven't found any I like. Have fun on your quest!

Ana Renard
Rice milk and coconut products. It takes some getting used to. Almond milk is easier to switch to but harsher on the environment to produce.

Melanie Powell
I mean even for just milk 🥛 there is soya, oat, almond, coconut and many more. If your a cheese kinda person then have vegan cheese (they have everything from cheddar to mozzerella) and they are always making more. As for ice cream 🍦- try Swedish Glace 😉 it’s the BEST

Darlene Gomez
Probably I am not the right person to answer yo your question but I’d say that you shouldn’t stop eating sugar right the way you should start slowly. I don’t know what you can use to replace the sweetness since I don’t

Elsbeth Hass
Actually for sugar, I have great protector: banana and date ! When I wanna eat some sugary things first I eat date or banana after that I try another option. So I can eat less than normal

Isolino Cardoso
Instead of dairy milk, there is almond milk and coconut milk that tastes pretty good. I like that mixed for protein smoothies. There are vegan creamers for coffee that are coconut oil based that are also pretty good. I am not a big fan of fake cheese that is made out of soy or nuts – it looks like cheese but doesn’t taste like it;-)

Kathi Hielscher
Focus on reducing rather than giving up sugar. Let's say you usually take two teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, now take one. After getting used to take one teaspoon, think of substituting sugar with honey. Meanwhile substitute dairy with soy milk or almond milk but soy milk tastes better.

Bryan Rivera
Depending on your needs, coconut is a decent substitute. There's a coconut milk heavy cream available at some places that you can whip up into a fluffy topping or use as a creamer.

Francis Thomas
I was strict sugar free for almost 3 months with only one cheat meal. Because it will be very hard to adjust to sugar free, I would advise going sugar free first and slowly weaning yourself of milk. I like to use almond milk. Also, when you’re going no milk, remember: cow’s milk is the same as cow puss. Also, when you are struggling, watch one of those “why sugar/milk is bad for you” videos. Trust me, it helps to both distract and encourage you. Take it one day at a time.

Magret Roßbach
Nut milk! Try different ones. Each have different flavors. Also I prefer the unsweetened variety so I can add my own sweeteners.

Alex Gödde
Coconut milk is amazing on cereal. Almond and soy are great in hot drinks. I use nutritional yeast on pastas and things. You can get great vegan cheeses. I make my own yoghurt substitute with coconut milk and white chia seeds. It doesn’t have the yogurt flavour but it has the creaminess for fruit and things. Also you can get coconut yoghurt as well. I make a cashew cream with nutritional yeast for nachos etc. I Find it fun experimenting and finding new things to make and ways to get around my pre programmed ways of seeing food. 😊😊

Kasper Christiansen
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William Nielsen
I already know I like soy milk. But, I only like the sweetened kind so perhaps comparing the sugar value in each & a comparative product such as almond milk might help with choosing the right one for me.

Herlander Jesus
I would replace with water cause water is heather and for replacing sugar I would eat fruit has natural sugar and it’s better for you.

Gilbert Gonzales
Please don’t remove dairy products from your diet. As it is essential for your body. You can give up sugar and take sugar from the natural sources like fruits.

Lærke Jensen
Almond milk is a great milk substitute and can be used in most cooking as well. Contains a lot of calcium as well..milk's "claim to fame." If your are displeased with the taste- do not give up all together…continue to try various kinds and brands until you find one that works best for you.! I think I tried about 3 times before I found one I could enjoy using. Butter can also be substituted with a few options however I choose coconut oil. Even for things like toast…I will use coconut oil cooking spray and then grind a bit of Himalayan pink salt over it…works just the same as butter for me! Baking substitutes for butter as well as cheese substitutes are something I would have to look further into..

Berilo Da cunha
Coconut!! It comes in creamers, ice creams, and is yummy and perfect for summer! It’s an easy switch for your first time !

Charlotte Meyer
Good substitute for dairy are nut milks like soy, cashew, almond and coconut and nut milk based products like coconut yogurt.

Freja Madsen
I like Silk Vanilla soy milk. If I want any of the nut milks, I make them myself. I just put almonds, cashews or walnuts in my blender with water and blend until smooth. It’s quite good and I can measure how much nut is in it. This is important to me since nuts are so nutritious. Also, I can add a bit of vanilla or fruit if I like.

Johnni Caldwell
Coconut milk and oat milk are great! I would recommend staying away from rice milk as it has naturally high levels of arsenic – you don’t need that. They make coconut milk yogurt !

Heinfried Wittenberg
Plant based milks work really well in hot and cold drinks and recipes. Oat is my favourite.
Alpro do good dairy free yogurts.
I’m a cheese lover and haven’t found a good dairy free cheese yet though sorry.

Jim Hall
None of the substitutes in the supermarket. They are all problematic in some way. Even the organic almond Milks have sugars and some E numbers or preservative or something. I suggest soaking your own almonds (a hand full – 8-12 almonds makes about 1 cup – adjust for own taste preference from there) soak overnight in purified water/ rinse and then blend with 1 cup of water. Use the ‘milk’ as it is or stain to remove the ‘meal’. A good ‘milk’ substitute. As for dairy – calcium you can get from vege (google), good fats – olive oil, coconut oil. If you find when you re-introduce it you can tolerate dairy…nothing is quite as nutrient dense of what nutrients it offers. Have you ever tried Buffalo or goat…more tolerable due to A2 type I think…. hope these thoughts are useful. Good luck.