What breakfast makes you feel the most energized?

Ian C.
Scrambled eggs and oats. Any thing is better than nothing. I don’t often eat breakfast but I’m trying to make it a habit going forward.
Eliott Q.
I am energized when I eat a shake with raw bee pollen, oat milk, oatmeal, banana, seabuckthorn, avocado or other other ingrediets that contain, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and good fats, mineral and vitamins.
But most I like omelette (without oil) or eaten eggs with some goat butter, fresh or in oven tomatoes, goat cheese or cedar with or without dry protein bread with refreshments made by home.
Also i make good combination of healthy ingredients like tahini, buckwheat, oatmeal, various type of raw nuts,banana, avocado, raw bee pollen, honey, butter, yogurt, etc

A little bit from a warm herbal tea after eating helps me to have the best digestion and gives me power!
After every breakfast i feel energized and a lot of power.

Charlotte N.
First lets start with what makes me most NOT energize- Sugar. Sudden boost of energy for a few minutes and bam. Ruins my whole day.

So I'd like to drink water first then maybe some proteins like boiled egg. Even fish (not fried) is okay. Avoid carbs because it's also sugar unless the food is really good. I cant help it. Or fruits are nice to make me more hungry for lunch time!

Kiara O.
I love fruit & protein “fauxgurt” – a banana with blueberries & strawberries, then I mix a scoop of vanilla protein powder with almond milk to the consistency of yogurt, pour it over and add a sprinkle of granola (low-sugar). Delicious and keeps me full and going all morning!
Jessie Z.
A wholesome sandwich with good not deli meat in it, whole wheat bread. Some nuts (to be fair, it's kind of a second breakfast in several hours after the main one). And I LOVE brown tomatoes, so it's my go-to vegetable in the morning too, to compliment the sandwich.
Alyssa Y.
I try to eat two eggs every day, farm-fresh from my backyard chickens!!
I prefer them fried, sunny-side-up, but switch it up sometimes to keep things interesting. I sometimes add cheese, or makes a sandwich, or scramble them with spinach… Eggs are super quick no matter how you prepare them!
If I am really in a hurry, I might just eat a banana or a handful of blueberries, have a granola bar and drink a glass of almond milk.
Jacob X.
Protein shake with greens. Also includes Chia seeds, flax meal, maca or cacao powder and the sugar-free milk of the day.
Normano Q.
Since I don’t care for eggs, an all natural peanut butter with a banana is a good choice for me. I feel like I’m getting a treat without any added sugar. Plus, it fills me up!
Dianne U.
Something light but filling. A banana with almond butter right now works, usually that gives me 3 more hours till my next meal.
Lyna Z.
Any one as long as it has enough protiens and energy to get you up and working for and until half the day. So a good heavy breakfast is recommended
Adriano Z.
Scrambled eggs and toast. I make sure not to overeat so I don’t feel weighed down and get sluggish and tired. Just one egg and one piece of toast 😊
Ella X.
From my opinion I think that you need to eat protein (apple or a banana if you are in a hurry) and not chocolate bars or pancakes, because they have sugar and you will be hungry in 2 hours.
Adriane Z.
I eat depending on the weather if it’s cold I’ll have a bowl of porridge with chopped banana and a flaxseed topping to warm me up. If it’s warm a home made green smoothie which makes me feel much lighter.
Oliv Rio Q.
I tend to go with something that has eggs. I find that an egg scramble with some vegetables and turkey sausage makes me satiated longer. Otherwise avocado toast with an egg on top is delicious and hits all of your macronutrients.
Jimmie T.
A tried and true breakfast for me is 2 scrambled eggs and 2 slices of bacon. Maybe adding a little fruit or cashews would be a good idea. An even better idea would be to add a homemade smoothie to my breakfast.
Jocelino P.
Chia pudding or quinoa and oatmeal porridge with fresh fruit or berries and cinnamon. Maybe some pumpkin seed on top. Yum!
Tobias C.
For me, it is one that is eaten slowly and will full awareness and gratitude. Oh and also one with protein that has at least 300 calories that is nutrient dense. Like a kale omelet, eggs and whole grain toast, Greek yogurt nuts and fruit, etc
Heitor P.
Something low-carb and small. I don’t like a heavy breakfast… just enough to get my metabolism started. Hard boiled eggs is great for busy mornings. Fried eggs for slower days.
Isaac F.
Two boiled eggs and a low-fat cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. The fact that the eggs are boiled instead of fried and that the bread is whole wheat makes all the difference. I also prepare myself a V60 coffee from fresh ground beans and spring water. Making the coffee this way extracts all the goodness without burning the beans. Cheers !
Sin Sio Q.
Hello. My most energetic breakfast is toast with avocado and scrambled eggs and a warm spiced cup of Tea. Sometimes I like to add some fruit like 2 strawberry when I want something sweet.
Cathy P.
Eating something enjoyable but still healthy. I also remind myself that even eating the smallest bit can improve my health and my day. If i eat healthy, while sticking to my routines, it help builds a good feeling in your stomach and brain. This good feel should be seen as something you need and thus you can build the energy or outlook to carry out this behavior as long as you need to.
Justin Z.
I really like warm breakfast so eggs toast oatmeal with fruit are all great options. But I also really enjoy smoothies and protein shakes in the morning they are easy fast and easy to customize so I can have the same thing but make it different every day that’s my fave
Arlindo O.
I like to eat eggs with veggies because the protein and fiber helps get me started. For energy eating soaked chia seeds and berries with maca is a great option but not a daily practice.
Suly Z.
I think it’s may be some kind of bread and egg and bacon. My father makes amazingly tasty breakfasts and when he does that, i will be energyzed all day long!
Sauro Q.
I like to make a breakfast sandwich; I use multi grain sandwich thins, sautéed spinach, an over-medium egg with a slice of provolone cheese, and a few slices of tomato, and I cover it all with some salt and pepper and hot sauce.
Signe W.
I feel most energized after eating Frosted Flakes cereal and an egg,or a piece of Toast with avacado slices on top and an egg on the side.
Anett F.
Definitely high protein. I usually just have scrambled eggs. I find anything with carbs will shortly give me an energy crash. Would like to incorporate more vegetables though
Hermine S.
I usually have whole grain toast with some kind of protein or a protein smoothie. I use a plant based protein powder with a good amount of protein in it, almond milk and plenty of fruit and veggies. I find I don’t feel like I’m starving 2 minutes later having these for breakfast. 😊
Simon G.
Protein based..2 boiled eggs and half an Avocado. It fills me up and it’s fast and easy to make. I am not much of a breakfast person and I have hot tea with milk too. So this Combe will last me til I get hungry around noon or 1 ish. I hope that helps. Oh yes I drink lots of water I really never had a problem drinking water and I always have it with wheeever I go.
Marcus C.
Hey! I’m glad if I can give you a bit of help😉
I feel energised more when I eat peanuts butter with honey and banana also I add some pomegranate to the banana and kinda make a fruit salad out of it !
Waln Ria C.
Toasted whole meal bread with egg. Coffee, hot (roasted charcoal). Is pretty much enough for me. Blended fresh fruit juice! Especially if it’s with banana. Urgh so delicious. Vitamins such as fish oil, primrose oil, multivitamin and vitamin c are also a must.
Laurie N.
My favorite kind of breakfast is one that includes plenty of protein, good fats, and fiber! One of my staples is smoked trout or salmon, fresh avocados with a hint of seasalt, and a helping of fruit, such as kiwi or pineapple (or both!!). You can’t go wrong with a breakfast like this; it’ll energize you and keep you full for a while! 🙂
Dianne U.
A high fiber, low sugar granola or muesli cereal with fresh or dried fruit (bananas or blueberries are my preference) in it and whole milk. A relatively high protein yogurt with granola or muesli on top works well too. You can change up the flavors and textures a lot with different brands or types of the products. It keeps things interesting.