Do you have have more tips for vegans? Should I skip this habit if I don’t like eating big breakfasts? What do you do?

Delisa F.
Hmm well for vegans you can do cereal, vegetables, sometkmes fruits if in a hurry for work or milk, bananas…u can try different and delicious recipees too like milkshakes sandwich mix, fruits mix…but never skip breakfast coz if u do it will be a habit and then your diet will not be full.
Monica C.
Fruit and nut butters; toast and smashed fruit/jams; roasted root veggies and potatoes; loaded smoothie; overnight oats with fun additions!
Aline Z.
I think you should never skip breakfast. If you don't like big breakfast and you are a vegan I reccomend eat a fruit you like personally I eat orange or apple, also drink some soy milk or another alternative is eat a granola bar both of this can be really handy if you have limited time in the morning also for me this is not a big protion.
Grace N.
Even if you don’t like eating a big breakfast, you can still eat a smaller one and keep the habit. It is completely up to you but you could get some friends or family to add their tips for you as a habit.
Virgil U.
I’m not a vegan myself, but you can totally have a nutritious and light breakfast as a vegan! I myself am a fan of nuts, bananas, berries, and leftover salads