Someone else asked why getting up early in the morning makes them feel nauseous- I have the same problem, especially if I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. I know how to cope with it, but I’m curious about the science! Why does that happen?

Tamia F.
Jet lag, insomnia, or an earlier-than-usual alarm can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle. These changes in your regular sleeping pattern shift your body’s neuroendocrine response, which can sometimes lead to nausea.
Naba N.
It's probably due to ur diet like eating a big meal before sleep or not eating at all which causes your stomach to secrets alot of acid that might affect your esophagus by a condition called "acid reflux disease" to get rid of that nausea you need to eat light food like cucumber, apple or any other vegetable/ fruit kind of food and have a glass of water half an hour after then go to bed.. plus try to take your time getting up rather than jumping out of the bed quickly, it will allow your blood to take it's stream safely and prevent the dizziness followed with nausea.
L Via Y.
When I workout at morning sometimes I fell bad and nauseous any one know what the the breakfast to be energized during morning exercises ?
Ausendo O.
From what I understand about how the body functions, somer normal body functions shut down or slow while we sleep and waking up so early could possibly be the body not quite revving back up your normal functions in the same order as it would when you are well rested and could just be leveling out a bit rougher than normal.
Carla O.
Enough sleep is really crucial for our body, if personcan find her or him required sleep time, then waking up early will jot bother her or him