What’s your favorite or go-to quick meal?

Aisha N.
An oatmeal bowl with milk, protein powder, honey, peanut butter, cinnamon and a chopped apple or pear.

Or if I’m in the mood for something savory then goat or feta cheese and sliced tomatoes on toasted whole-grain bread with a bit of salt and pepper.

Both are super quick and tasty.

Shane S.
Whole grain tortilla wraps it is. I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance 2 years ago so i had to cut out sugar from my diet completely. I also have to pay attention to natural sugar intake such as fruits or dairy. Doctors say it's best to stay away from any form of sugar in the morning so i cannot go with the yoghurt and berries combo. I instead came up with something else: it's the whole grain tortilla wraps stuffed with a whole bunch of vegetables, some leftover chicken or ham and a sugar-free sauce of my choice. It takes a few minutes to cut the vegetables and put everything together in a nice wrap. Totally my go-for breakfast on busy university mornings or lazy weekends.