Any suggestions for a quick breakfast if you’re allergic to nuts?

Laura P.
There are lots of yummy nut-free breakfast options—some of my favorites are granola, yoghurt, toast, an egg, or some fruit. 🙂
Arianna N.
You can make banana pancakes. You just need one ripe banana and one egg, mix it all together, throw some oil in a pan, and cook it like normal pancakes until both sides are golden brown. It’s quick and easy, and super healthy! (If you watch the amount of oil you’re using of course)
Soeiro Q.
I’m not allergic for nuts, honestly I don’t have any allergy to anything, I mean I’ve never experienced any thing like that I’m open for everything
Hannah N.
Eggs and bacon has been my #1 combination. You can bake them, fry them, and do any other cool things:) If you’re a fan of sweet breakfast, oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter and some dark chocolate is a way to go!:)
Boss O.
There are several other options for a quick breakfast which also fulfill the body’s needs such as fruits, vegetables, and energy bars.
Peggy U.
I'm enjoying making scrambled eggs every morning. I can keep it simple if time is tight, or I can experiment with adding things (like bacon, spring onions or smoked salmon) if I want to be adventurous!