Hi, do you think it’s important to eat breakfast even before I feel hungry in the morning?

Jonathan O.
I’m split on this but I do find it easier to choose good foods throughout the day and am less hungry on the days that I eat even a small but very healthy breakfast.

Elise F.
Absolutely. Hunger is a sign that your body's starving. You need to give your body nutrients before it starves. This will lower the amount of food-to-fat conversion as well as keep or increase your metabolism.
You don't have to eat a lot, but keep in mind your calorie intake and that you're not just snacking all of the time because snacking will work the same way skipping a meal will.
Try smaller meals with about 4 a day every 2 hours.

Fen Sia S.
Yes because if you wake up hungry then your body is already missing something. If I let myself get to hungry then I'm more likely to eat rubbish rather than healthy stuff.

Allen F.
I think eating breakfast are important to boost up my mood before officially working. But thinking before i feel hungry in the morning were kinda make me feel very full

Edouard Y.
It is so you can have enough energy, but always having in mind that we must respect our body's needs, so maybe start with less.

Nikolaj P.
Yes, I think you should eat breakfast even if you don't feel hungry yet. They say it is important to eat at regular times so you should opt for eating at the same time every day.

Stefanie U.
Yes I think water is the most important thing that’s have to drink in the morning even if we are not thirsty
In my opinion, fruits are the most important thing that need to be eaten with the empty e stomach

Karla Z.
I think it's important to eat before you end up accidentally starving yourself because then you might end up binge eating. It's probably best to be consistent as well. You build better habits through consistency.

Liz F.
Yes. I did a medically led health program a few years ago and they emphasized that it’s important to eat within an hour of waking up.

Laura A.
Most definitely! I work graveyards so with my schedule it’s harder for me to be conscious of my meals when I work and when I have my set days off. But, I have noticed since I started eating as soon as I wake up I have more energy throughout my shifts and when I go back to sleeping during the night on my days off. The process is WAY more easier for me to get back into routine and have this constant rotation when life gets too busy.

Aidan M.
I think their are meritts to intermitent fasting. I used to do that so I always felt hungry in the morning. So I would skip and just have lunch and dinner. *that means no dessert or late dinner*.

Molly Z.
Not necessarily, as long as whatever you eat first each day is whole foods that are going to support a healthy lifestyle and energy level.

Giovanny N.
Yes. Even if you have a power bar, a banana, or something lite, like a green shake, it will help you stay energized through the morning. Remember, that is all part of a consistent routine. Be fabulous.

Gustav P.
I feel it's better to eat a nutritious breakfast at a time when you are fully awake and can enjoy it. It helps if the meal is at the same point (sequence) in your morning routine.

Mila E.
If possible why not wait to be hungry. Personally I eat breakfast when I get up, otherwise then I won't be hungry for lunch and the all day is upside down. Also, drinking a big glass of water or water with lemon first might help getting your system awake and being hungry. I drink water before my morning yoga, and after that I'm sure to be hungry!

Ju Z.
Yes, I think sometimes my body try to lie to me, so I try to build habits, for example, having a breakfast at the same time every day.

Franz Xaver O.
Yes, I do think it is important to eat in the morning, even if you do not feel hungry. Our bodies need good fuel to function well, attend to the tasks of the day, and fend off illness. If you don’t have a big appetite, you can get a decent amount of protein just by one slice of toast with peanut butter, and then perhaps a small banana or other piece of fruit, if you can. Even a small breakfast would be better than not eating until later. Your body is the only home you have – treat it well and it will serve you 🙂

Marina Q.
Yes! I can’t leave home without having my breakfast. It will keep you energized throughout the day. It also reduces the need for unhealthy, sweet or greasy food.
Stick to it and good luck turning a healthy breakfast into a habit!

Laura T.
Yeah I would say so? Maybe start with a glass of water, tea and something small (a few nuts, a fruit, a yogurt…) if you're not hungry

Sander Z.
Yes I think it gets your body going. Waiting till you are hungry can make you over eat and probably also eat the wrong thing. It's best to eat before you hungry that way you make the right decision and the body is feed and probably your metabolism works better. Just might thoughts on it.

Unicornfan M.
Yes, your body requires energy from the moment you wake up. Especially when you are busy. Your body and brain won't function properly if you skip breakfast which would lead to less focus and more tiredness over the day. Son that's why you need to breakfast.

Albert B.
Yes I think so! I understand that at first it is hard to eat especially if you get up early but if you start even with just a small snack (e.g. a fruit) it will make you feel more energized through out the day. In my experience you get very quickly used to the idea of eating breakfast early and it will be easier to eat something bigger.

Gertrude F.
Theres no point in making food if your not hungry, so if its breakfast time but your not hungry you should make something to take with you to wherever you need to go and then eat it once you get hungry

Emma O.
I feel you know yourself best, maybe try both scenarios. Then see how it effects your day and hunger levels. You may find that eating when you are hungry is better than preemptively eating. Also some people may find if they don't eat breakfast because they aren't hungry they end up very hungry by the next opportunity to eat and over eat. So that it worth considering. At the end of the day you have to find what serves you best.

Joanna C.
Yes!! I used to be the same, but after about a week of forcing myself to eat a small yoghurt I can't go without breakfast now. It's about training your body to remember food in the morning again 🙂

Tania J.
Apparently, yes. I am not in the habit of eating breakfast and would frequently go the whole day, until my evening meal, without eating. I have read over and over though, how it is the most important meal of the day so I am now trying to make it a habit to eat breakfast every day.

Bill J.
It think is important to have something in your body to fuel you, even if it’s just starting with a glass of milk or a small yogurt pot, or even just a banana. But be prepared, eventually when your hunger kicks in, you want to have nourishing things like porridge or toast and a nut butter to reap help fuel you rather than turning to more empty fuel like a pastry.