What are some good breakfest ideas

Martha E.
Overnight oats are my go to breakfast. You can make them the night before and they are ready for the morning.
Another good one is a smoothie with oats in it, or chai pudding with fresh fruit.
Elo Se Q.
Generally anything egg based is easy and a great source of nutrients. I love omelets personally but you can do lots of things… Maybe fry and egg and some bacon and make a breakfast sandwich with some lettuce or cheese?
Aditi C.
I recommend a simple but filling breakfast with protein. Try not to eat too much sugar otherwise you might feel less productive later on in the day. Try some eggs (anyway you like em😂) and some fruit. Don’t eat until you’re stuffed just eat till you’re a comfortable amount of full💞
Teresa O.
Overnight oatmeal, eggs with whole wheat English muffin and a fruit, regular oatmeal with fruit, omelette with veggies (mushroom, peppers, asparagus… Whatever you love)
Mia B.
Form me l think of my breakfast the night befor. I try to make it as healthy as possible. I could eat a cheese sandwich with some cucamber followed with a glass of milk tea. Some times a bowl of boiled beans with my favorite cup if coffee. Omelet or boiled egg could be nice, too.
Reagan N.
Overnight oats and instant oatmeal are great breakfasts that you can make in advance or in a few minutes, so they are great for the weekdays.
Karl Hermann T.
Toast with 2 scrambled eggs, half an avocado with lemon and salt and coffee with oat milk. Is what I eat every day and you can always change things up a bit with poached or fried eggs and add fruit or skip the coffee and go for some tea. But the truth is eating eggs is the only thing that fills me for hours and helps me not to crave bread. I LOVE BREAD 😰😅
Lilly N.
If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning I suggest fruit and/or eggs. Oatmeal is also good (especially instant). If you have more time in the morning you could bake something like muffins or cook a breakfast casserole.
Judd W.
Try researching the benefits of certain foods and balancing then with the disadvantages such as sugar content for example, fruits have many benefits, but if you put them all in a smoothie, there will be a high sugar content.
Zoe W.
Try steel cut oats—you can cook it quickly in the morning or even make it the night before and microwave it in the morning! Add fruit for more flavor.
Ma Lyne Z.
Oatmeal, but not the kind that already has sugar in it. Add ur own.

Toast, especially if it’s wheat.

Fruit with yogurt and granola sprinkles.

Scrambled eggs with no cheese and a side of turkey bacon. Maybe add some fruit if it’s not enough food, rather than adding another egg. Fruit has more nutrients with less calories.

Roland J.
I usually have weetabix with a banana, some sultanas and some grapes. Maybe not the best in the world, but much better than toast with nutella or worse, nothing at all!