I want to wake up early and I can’t seem to make it happen. What’s your secret?

Daisy O.
No dia anterior coloca despertadores e vai dormir um pouco mais cedo do que o costume, se não resultar vai dormir um pouco mais tarde
Evie N.
Well, for me my body is just used to waking up earlier, but to start waking up early, here are some tips:

1. Don’t lie in
As soon as you wake up, don’t just fall straight back to sleep, look at the time, and if it is early enough for you, get up and eat some breakfast.

2. Go to bed earlier
If you stay up super late, chances are you will sleep in late, so thinks about going to bed earlier.

3. Be committed
Really persevere to improve your sleep pattern. It won’t work for one day and not the next. Sure , you are allowed days off, but too many aren’t going to change anything.

I hope this helped. (:

Arselinda Q.
You'd better prefer to chase your dreams by waking up early, or just to sleep all the day and let your dreams remain only dreams?
Louis P.
I set my alarm early and put a bottle of water next to my bed. When i wake up i drink water and it helps me to wake up even more. I love reading so I tell myself i can read half an hour if i'm up early 🙂
Jessica F.
you have to set a goal, for example "I have to wake up at 9 to prepare for my work", that way you'll be more obligated to wake up early. Second one is don't sleep too late. Also the third one is, stop snoozing your alarm, just force your body to wake up
Elijah F.
Sleep early, that's what really the way. Have at least 7-8 hours a day of deep sleep so that you will wake up refreshed.
Berit O.
I try to go to sleep every day at the same time and wake up at the same time. Also, I don’t eat my dinner late and drink water as then that wakes me up during night. For me, a soft alarm that gradually gets louder is the best option as that reduces my morning anxiety. Also, I very much recommend listening to a podcast or meditation before sleep (I often do both or listen to calm sounds) or even reading a chapter of a book before that. I hope this helps and good luck 🙂
Victoria Z.
Start with baby steps.. to get to sleep earleier în The night either just to try to take în consideration to sleep around 6 hours and have some nice night routines. Anyway, just try be good with yourself even if you don't succed
Maxime Y.
I'm still a work in progress in this area and I'm still trying to improve. From my experiences so far, I noticed that preparing a to-do list and sleeping early the night before helps me to wake up early the next day. Sleeping early allows my body to have enough rest to get going early in the morning. Creating a to-do list the night before allows my mind to envision the things I will do for the coming day and gives structure to it before it even starts.
Alice F.
I think that the perfect way to wake up every morning is to:
1.Not drink any caffeine 4 to 6 hours before you sleep
2. No electronics 2hrs before you sleep
3. Put your alarm away from you do you have to get up to turn it off
4.plan your morning the night before
5. Remember why you’re waking up early
6. Plan something you like early in the morning so you have to get up. Ex. Workout
7. Plan some time for yourself to journal for exemple. Something you can’t to do with a lot of noise.
8. Do your bed so that you’re too lazy to jump back in
9. Start the habit of waking up early with one of your siblings if you have any so that you push each other to wake up early
10. Play some music to motivate you(if the rest of your family is sleeping use ear or headphones)
Katerina S.
Well look, half an hour before you go to sleep close your phone, laptop etc.Also let the curtains open so in the morning the natural light will wake you up!
Garima P.
Sometimes I also effected from this but firstly you decide that why you want to wake up early in morning–
If you know your answer than just set this in your mind automatically you wake up early because you have your reason 🤟
Renuka O.
I keep 3 alarms. That’s my secret haha. I’m not a morning person myself. But I’m trying to make it a routine to wake up early
Linda U.
I still struggle with waking up early. I always try to sleep early, so that I get 8 full hours of sleep. I also drink water before I go to bed. The next morning after snoozing the alarm I go to the bathroom as mother nature is calling 🤣.
Hope this can help
I wish you good luck and may success be with you!!