What kind of foods are better for sensitive stomachs in the morning?

Kay N.
I have a sensitive stomach myself and am not used to eating breakfast as soon as i wake up so I just start by coffee and alot of water then my stomach could handle pretty much any meal, i usually get something light such as egg and cheese toast or turkey sandwich with something sweet
Annemarie X.
It depends what you are sensitive to, but how about chia pudding you have prepared the night before (chia seeds soaked in any non dairy milk), or oats soaked in juice – both can be served with a nice dose of seasonal fruits and are anti inflammatory foods. Blueberries are my easy fruit go to!
Silas Z.
I think you have to build up the amount of breakfast you eat in the morning. Start with a piece of fruit, cut it up, eat it. Try eating a handful of nuts about an hour after that. If you're not used to eating breakfast, you'll feel sick when you do. So keep eating a little bit of breakfast and keep building it up until you can eat quite a lot and a healthy amount. Good luck!
Emily J.
For me, nothing with dairy or egg (traces of egg is okay)
Fruits like bananas, apples, oranges.
Toast- peanut butter or
Beans on toast is good! Porridge oats also 🙂
Logan W.
I have found that more savory type foods are better in the morning than sweet foods. I have always had trouble feeling ill in the mornings when I had breakfast. I started eating bagels with just butter or I’d add some turkey or ham, then som avocado. Also I really like Kodiak pancakes that are whole wheat and full of protein sit well if I just butter them and don’t eat them with a lot of sugary syrup.
Kyle E.
I think that organic foods are better for sensitive stomachs in the morning. Like yogurt, soft eggs, and that sort of thing.
Kelsey G.
I would say non acidic fruit. Bananas are a good one and oat meal.. you can add some fruit and nuts to make it more enjoyable
Ava R.
Food for sensitive stomachs in the morning can be difficult to like, but here are some I enjoy. Bananas, toast, yogurt, are some good examples. No sugary foods help too.
Alcinda Q.
Foods that are from the earth. In other words whole foods. So food that looks exactly how the earth created it. Foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.
Dylan X.
I too have a sensitive stomach and have found it best to stay away from super sugary food items (as you should anyways because those do not suit well for a good, healthy breakfast) and a lot of spices. I enjoy eating egg, ham and cheese sandwich on toast with yogurt and granola on the side and a mandarin orange. Many times if you go to a place and order the same sandwich, it will include a bunch of unnecessary spices and oils that will upset your stomach later. The best option is to make your own breakfast at home so you know what is going into it.
Corey E.
Hmm, I would think a cup of tea with honey, and a piece of toast. I’d imagine you’d probably want to eat a light breakfast that won’t irritate your bowels (like fiber and coffee), sugar which will make you crash, or a breakfast with a lot of grease (like bacon), that’ll make you feel full and heavy. Keeping it light with tea, toast, and perhaps some fruit seems to be the correct choice.