I sometimes want to change up my breakfast but I don’t have different recipes. Do you have any suggestions?

Magno T.
You can seek and find a variety of recipes on-line. Then print them and make a booklet. Remember to organise your shoppings from the market based on this booklet.
Franz I.
I have a simple recipe for breakfast– and I mean SIMPLE.

Softboiled egg on rice.

After breaking thr yolk, drizzle it with Japanese Soy Sauce. Mix and enjoy!

Sofie W.
Oatmeal based pancakes, some probiotics if you are lactose intolerant, a toast with avocado with a little of sugar and cinnamon or salty with onions and an egg.
Emil C.
Make a list of breakfast ingredients that you know you'll enjoy, perhaps organized by catagory (such as fruit, dairy, protein, and so on!). Then, randonly choose one thing from each catagory – either via your own dice, or online dice or a randomsier! Then you'll always have something slightly different for breakfast, even if it often uses the same ingredients! (Perhaps one day you'll end up with some eggs, crackers, and a cup of juice: while another day you'll have yogurt, pineapple slices, and an english muffin!)
Alfred Y.
I like making a smoothie. I either use a cup of a frozen berry mix or a tropical mix with peaches, mangoes, strawberry and pineapple. With both of those I always add some almond butter and if i’m feeling like it I put in some banana and spinach. I use oat milk usually but also like using almond milk.
Laura W.
Hello, I am not really good at cooking too so I tried to find an app to help me. I found one interesting app witch creates recipes from your chosen ingerdients and with an option to follow an healthy diet. It is named "Plant Jammer". I hope it will help you!
Ruben S.
Try making yourself a fruit salad mix your favorite fruits and add yoghurt , cinnamon or honey. It's fast and delicious.
Leonard J.
Yes, try eating oatmeal with fruits! I usually do 200 ml milk with about 1/6 of a cup of oat flakes. Microwave it for 3 minutes, and put it in a bowl together with a banana or an apple, or any fruit you like. I really love this breakfast, and I'd recommend it to anyone. If you can't have milk, you can try using water instead, or find an alternative online. Watch out with microwaving it too long, it has a tendency to rise, and if it spills in the microwave that's annoying to clean up. Pro-tip: wash the bowl after you're done eating, or the remnants will become like concrete.
Michelle P.
Eggs or Kvarg (low fat, protein yogurt) is types of breakfast food where you can vary it a lot. Boild eggs, scrambled or fried. Kvarg with cearals fruits like bluebarries or some sweetener like maple or syrup is great.
I like simle breakfasts where it goes fast to make them but they need to be filling and taste good, try your way forward!
Kalijn U.
I love to find recipes on Youtube. If i look for recipes I most likely look for vegan recipes. Those meals are healty and yummy at the same time!
Ilva O.
You can try pancakes with different toppings, toast bread and spread butter on top of it ,get some dairy cheese , the next recipe is kinda complicated: get 2/ slices of bread and cut them into not that little cubes, meanwhile add butter or oil in a pan than thriw the bread in it . Push the bread continuously while mixing it with the butter. You can add sausages, cut them into cubes and mix it with the bread. the bread needs to look crispy and brown before you eat it. Than add dairy cheese, cucumber or anything salty you like on the plate where you have the bread and the sausages. This is called "Bukevale"
Grace J.
I always have different selections in the kitchen toast with different spreads, yoghurt fruit and muesli, cereal and oats. Make sure you have lots of varieties of fruits for a stable amount of vitamins and minerals.
Louise K.
The best thing you can do is make sure that you get a recipe for each week instead of for each day. Set your mood and commit to that one meal every morning.
Hadrien Y.
I spent my whole life skipping breakfast. I have only started the challenge and have been choosing porridge. It's so quick, easy, filling and you can add different toppings. Avocado is expensive but very nutritious. Healthy brown bread, lightly toasted, get a clove of garlic, peel it, butter the toast with the clove, add mashed avocado, salt oil and lemon to taste and a poached egg, yum and less than ten minutes. After that I am still experimenting but i feel the difference for having breakfast daily and will be keeping up the habit!
Audrey P.
I like to think about what I want to eat the day before. It helps me relax at night, and helps me when I am indecisive in the morning.
Jakob T.
Yes, i usually just eat what my mom cooking, but I have to minimize rice intake and add a little vegetable in the waist. And not to forget, I also try to minimize chicken intake.for the recipes, I have some idea for example eat 1 or 2 apple, eat 2 boiled egg and some pat.