Do you prepare your breakfast the night before or day of?

Eberhardt F.
I make my breakfast the day or so that it’s warm and fresh because it’s normally oatmeal. If I know I have a busy day the next day I would lay out and apple and some peanut butter before bed!
Louanne S.
Of course the same day, it makes you feel more accomplished that you did all of your breakfast the time you woke up, plus it gets you working in morning and start grinding the engines up for a fabulous day!
Jayden Z.
I start preparation the day before – slicing cheese and meet, mixing eggs for omlette, and finish it at before the breakfast in the next morning.
Udo I.
I prepare breakfast every morning. But, I want to look for more recipes that can be done the night before. I’m not much of a morning person still 😂
Jo O.
For weekdays the morning of, but when I work on the weekends the night before. Even if it's just putting cereal in a bowl
Din S.
I always prep the night before so I can grab and go. My schedule changes a lot so I also preplan a week in advance when I'm shopping to make it easier.
Dulce Z.
If I'm working, I try to have it ready the day before to make sure it happens. If I'm off for the day, I'll take a little more time to make a hot breakfast.
June W.
I cook my mushrooms , boiled egg and tomatoes in batches to last a few days then heat up what I am going to eat in the morning
Isabelle X.
Usually prepare it on the day, since breakfast for me is a fast and healthy meal in 2 minutes. Also like to strip away the stress of the day in the night, to get a better sleep
Sandra Y.
Once a week I prepare a large batch of steel cut oats and I reheat them each day as needed. Everything else I prepare in the morning fresh.
Leonor S.
I make it ahead of time. O actually hard boil a dozen eggs at the start of the week so i know there is always something healthy and protein packed.
Paige X.
It depends! Some days I’m feeling eggs so that I prepare the day of but other days I heat already prepared breakfast foods.
Bertha P.
I drink vegan spinach shakes with naked pea protein for breakfast. It only takes a literal minute or two to throw the ingredients in the ninja blender.
Lucas P.
It depends. I sometimes prepare it the night before and sometimes in the morning right before having it
Nicolau Z.
Sometimes I prepare it at the night before ; but mostly I wake up early every day and prepare my breakfast in the morning and I enjoy doing it in the morning more than just prepare it at night . Because it would give my day a good start .
Caleb T.
The day of, I just make the time to eat breakfast before I leave. Depending on the breakfast, sometimes I eat it on the way to work .
Pearl N.
No. I prepare it in the morning when I wake up. Doing it the night before would definitely be better though.
Javier E.
Sometimes. I usually have a premade shake in the morning. Times when I want something more satisfying I will prepare some of it the night before. I like quick breakfasts so I have more time to sleep.
Dragica Y.
I prepare breakfast the night before so it's as easy as possible to eat the right things in the morning. Making the choices when you're fully awake makes it more likely that you will follow through on healthy choices.
Lucas Y.
Day of, especially on non fast days. I normally just grab whatever to eat because I'm too mentally drained to want to start cooking.
Rachel Z.
I prepare my breakfast the day of. I usually make pretty simple things, like yogurt and granola or eggs, so there’s not much work to be done in advance.
Philip M.
I prepare my breakfast when I wake up, because it makes me take more time to really achieve my goals, and think about what I have to do that day.
Djalma I.
Day of usually. I like a fresh breakfast. But, I often do leftovers and am experimenting with prepping extra veggies and storing them ahead of time to use in omelets or scrambles the next day. Want to try overnight oats too.
Gusti E.
Day of. I like my eggs 🥚 hot🔥.
Brandon U.
I sometimes make it the night before, if it's something that can be prepared. But mostly I have all the things ready to cook it in the morning.

For example, if I'm making oatmeal I'll put out the saucepan, spoon, bowl, oats and anything I'll add to my oatmeal. It saves time looking for stuff.

Fredy U.
I prepare my breakfast the day of. Growing up, I always picked my own fruits and veggies. In my mind, fresh is best.

However if you have an incredible busy morning, it may be best to prepare the night before.

Zoraia Z.
No. I prepare my breakfast every morning with fresh organic vegetables and cage free pasteurized eggs. A few hours later I'll have an organic piece of fruit. Usually cut up with nut butter,coconut and a tiny drizzle of 100% maple syrup. Seems more enjoyable to me when it is cut up and put into a bowl. Recently threw out all sugar, MSG, and GMO foods from my house. Thankful that more people are aware of the manipulation taken on our food sources it is easier to find organic and non GMO foods in every store now.
Kyle Z.
I prefer the morning of because I like a hot breakfast. It gets me going and I feel more prepared to take on the day. Sometimes I will do food prep on weekends and make an egg bake that I can store in single servings to reheat quickly when I am more pressed for time.
Katrin T.
I prepare breakfast the day of. I don't even know what I would eat for breakfast if I made it the night before
Charlie T.
To create healthy habits, either day of or prior is an okay for me. However, what works for you is the most important factor.
Jessica Z.
Day of! My company has a breakfast selection so I get in a little earlier in order to have time to chill out and appreciate my food before getting down to work!
Reginald F.
For most mornings I have fixed breakfast ahead. I will make up refrigerator oatmeal 4 at a time. A couple days of the week I may have cheerios instead or an egg breakfast bowl from the freezer.
Denis B.
I’ve been preparing it the night before so that it’s easy to make the right choice in the morning when I’m least able to think clearly
Alexander W.
Since I've started using the app I prepare my breakfast the night before so I don't have to spent so much time in the morning to do it.
Leonard F.
The same day because I love fresh prepared foods