What is your healthy uplifting food which you eat when you are not feeling good?

Darrell O.
I am not sure if this is healthy but I drink coffee and it really helps me concentrate on my thoughts and focus on what I may be trying to get done. I also like to eat salads and fruit juices that I blend myself.
Antonio E.
Honestly I was sick recently and my grandmother made some french toast and fresh ginger lemon tea and it did wonders for both my mood and appetite but also my health. ❤️
Eva Z.
While I am doing this goal. I didnt ever want to eat breakfast. So I decided to eat foods that I like. Like yogurt and breakfast burritos.
Tom A.
i love to eat some plain greek yogurt with berries, nuts, and a drizzle of honey, it satisfies my sweet tooth and it’s still healthy!
Val Rio F.
If I'm really sad then eating half a bag of Takis is the way to go. I know it's not healthy but I think the spiciness overwhelms the other feelings. Perhaps it's because I can control the overwhelming taste. I'm not sure but another comfort food would be carbs, though I normally go for heavier carbs instead of Takis, I like takis better. A healthier option would be blueberries, but I don't think my mom would like if I ate all her blueberries. There's others but those are the main three.
Altiva P.
Chocolate it could be a chocolate candy bar , chocolate bars or chocolate chip ice cream as long their is chocolate in it I’m happy
Annie F.
When I'm feeling sick, I like eating soups. Ramen, pho, caulo de pollo, things like that. There are things you can do to make them more healthy but that's what I eat. When I'm feeling depressed, a simple sandwich can go a long way.
Emilie P.
Buttered toast with cinnamon. I use vegan butter on just plain white toast and sprinkle some cinnamon. Cinnamon acts the same way ginger ale does but its so much easier to consume
Annie F.
I love exercise when you break through the wall of struggling the adrenaline and endorphins take control and seretonin levels increase meaning you feel happier during and after exercise. If you are not enjoying exercise maybe you're trying the wrong thing. Try changing your focus mix things up a bit!