What do you usually have for breakfast?

Kasper Z.
I have some granola with milk and sometimes a fresh fruit like banana or an apple. Other times, I have some eggs, veggies and milk with a fruit.
Anwar N.
I’m trying to be a breakfast person now. Before, I only had a glass of water. Now, I usually have cornflakes with honey, fruits, almonds and chia seeds.
Kyle G.
Usually instant oatmeal(Quaker oat flavor packets) with peanut butter, almonds, walnuts and blueberries. Today I had stovetop oats and almonds. Tomorrow Ill be having overnight oats (softer) with Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and some flavor adding component.
Ana N.
Usually I either have a cheese sandwich and a big glass of orange juice, or a bowl of cereal, I drink oatmilk if I eat cereal and cereal bread if I eat a sandwich
Diana E.
Cereal with milk, a panini, one of those small kids' puddings, a banana, a pastry I made sure to have from the previous day (perks of living in a country with extensive bread culture is that there's a croissant and bread Vending machine outside my dorm) or a cereal bar. Small simple things that don't take long to prepare.
Zoe X.
Most of the time I have Cornflakes for breakfast. With yoghurt, outmeal, banana and some kind of berries. Additionally, I eat two slices of bread. Topped with either some guacamole and Cheese or with peanut butter and jelly. I drink a cup of tea and a glass of Water or juice.
Audrey X.
My breakfast isn’t always fixed every day. Most of the time, I have sweet or savory dishes and oatmeal when I have a diet as breakfast. During weekends, I cook or bake something for my family, hoping they would like it!

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Sofie Z.
I usually eat oatmeal with peanut butter, cinnamon, apples, or other random things in it. I also eat overeasy eggs, toast, egg sandwiches, lunch meat sandwiches (like ham or turkey usually),scrambled eggs, or just a peanut butter and/or jelly sandwich. Peanut butter cinnamon oatmeal is the most common thing though, lol. Happy habit forming!!! 🙂
Nils P.
I often eat yesterday's leftovers, however, if it isn't something I feel like having or don't feel like eating at all, I rely on water or possibly milk to fill me up in the morning.
Mary Jane B.
I usually have eggs for protein, bread and some vegetables or fruits on the side to solidly the meal🥰 hope that helped.
Sayra X.
Usually a healthy smoothie with chia seeds and all amond butter..milk n yogurt with a banana and other fruits like kiwi. I will also have pancakes eggs and a lean meat.
Oyeshi E.
Depends on what I have in my fridge. Sometimes I eat leftovers from dinner, sometimes it’s eggs, waffles, whatever I feel like really.
Carolyn Y.
I have some bread with honey before class. After first class finished at 10:30, i will eat the breakfast that my mom buy. However, its a MUST to take breakfast before class even a slice of bread!
Xavier Q.
Our grocery store sells a lovely ready-to-bake quiche lorraine. It makes it easy and delicious to get protein in the morning.
Magnus P.
I usually have some sort of eggs usually scrambled or fried. If not I’ll have something like apple and peanut butter or maybe a mix
Jan U.
I usually eat cereals with white yogurt, mixed up with chia seeds. The next option is eggs. I make French omelet filled with ham, or just scrambled eggs, when I am lazy. You can also eat whole grain toast 🍞 with something you like (ham, cheese, …)
Iman S.
Hmm so if I wake up Ike 1 pm or like 12 pm I will just drink a normal water for my breakfast cuz I gonna have a lunch at 3 pm or like 4 pm so I didn't take any breakfast soi just gonna drink a water
Maripaz G.
I like to vary a lot, but a toast with butter and jam and a fruit is something I love. Then I like to have smoothies or porridge so I can eat very different ones
Poppy U.
Toast but I really want to start having something with fruit as well as as the toast that I’m having. Someday I also might have cereal so just having that fruit would make my day more healthy and bright.