Should we eat fruit at breakfast? Are there better fruits than others?

Mirela A.
Yes, fruit is filling because of its high fiber and water contents. Pair fruit with eggs, cheese, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt for a well-balanced breakfast that will sustain you for hours. Summary Fruit is a good source of vitamins, potassium and fiber.
Rebecca U.
I actually get an allergic reaction to some fruits but I would love to be able to eat fruit for breakfast. When I have eaten fruit for breakfast in the past, it has given me w tummy ache for some reason? Normally the acidic fruits. I would recommend a banana or strawberries.
Olga A.
Hello stranger, I do eat fruits with every breakfast. I normally have a green smoothie with apples, kiwi, mango, watermelon or some berries with coconut milk, green superfoods powder, nut butter and some fresh greens.
Kimia T.
We Can eat fruit for breakfast there is no must!!
I'm not quite sure if there is any difference with different kind of fruit but I can suggest you to have watermelon and the bread and cheese for breakfast and if you are running out of time you can have one banana and apple that would do❤❤
Arthur S.
The better question would be is eatting this fruit a better option than what I was eatring before? Less processed, high in fiber, antioxidant rich? Eatting a banana or apple is better than a Poptart, or pancakes. Fructose/fruit alone may result in a sugar crash later in the day. Better than eatting only fruit/fructose would be to skip it all together or add high protein food items(tofu scramble, pine nuts, chia seeds(ground up is easier to digest), oat meal, TVP scramble, and tempeh bacon or sausage(homemade is better than store bought usually).
Cecilie Z.
Well yes you can, but the fruit will make you hungry really very early so it is better if you take some other things with fruits to eat. Apple is a
morning fruit. 😊
La Za Q.
Yea there are better fruits then others like some are good for some things that you do in the day but you should also have fruit for breakfast it’s a great start of the day
Lou O.
Yes I think it’s important doing it daily, I try to eat diferent fruits per day like papaya one day, mango, orange juice, banana milkshake, pinaple
Alexandra Z.
Fruit are totally cool for breakfast. You can add them to smoothie, or cereal, or make a sandwich with them. But you shouldn't eat them alone on empty stomach, especially bananas and citrus fuit. It would be better to eat fruit not as a full meal but as a addition.
Vanessa J.
One of my favorite breakfast options is a handful of frozen mixed fruit, and a little bit of spinach blended together. It’s quick, good on the go, and if you use a disposable cup it’s easy cleanup.
Augustin Q.
Fruits has so much sugar so I recomend to eat salad or something with small amount of sugar, but you can eat if you feel tired to bust your body with energy. I personally do not eat fruits for breakfast, I wait for 1pm and the I eat fruits, or befor my practice to feel more energetic 🙂
Carolyn T.
Yeah. Sometimes fruits can be enough for breakfast if you're in a rush. For me fruits just add some energy and makes me feel good. Especially when I eat green apples. I don't know if there are fruits that are better than others, but I know all fruits are good for you.