Is coffee okay with a great breakfast?

Mahima N.
Coffee is a great drink. But, as much as we enjoy it, it can harm our teeth, give us a bad breath day etc. I suggest using alternatives such as tea, tea is much better for your body and it's also nice to put in some honey as it is also very healthy. ^^

Mahima N.
I read from a dermatologist that you should drink coffee after your first meal cause that way you digest it easier and it doesn't affect your skin and your appetite ! I am following that advice for the last two months and I have seen change especially in the appetite factor and I now drink less coffee in my day !

Mahima N.
Well, I don't really drink coffee in the morning and I don't think It's helpful for my health, because I'm not a grown adult yet. That's why I prefer to take my vitamins or just drinking water.

Douglas U.
No, coffee is addictive and has bad impact on health. Once you start drinking coffee regularly you might notice headaches and bad mood. It is hard to quit drinking coffee, but start with small steps

Liana X.
I drink coffee some times in the morning before I eat breakfast. I wouldn't do it every day. Try an switch it up each day!

Annaliese O.
Yes it is. Just don’t drink a big fat cup of it since too much coffee will cause stomach pain. Esspressos are way better than an American blend since it’s a small quantity rather than a big black cup.

Timeo E.
It's okay when you feel a little bit groggy or need some energy. But have to drink a glass of water first to ease your gut.

Jen F.
I do have coffee every morning but I make sure that it's not the first thing in my stomach. Having water and a bite to eat while you have your coffee always makes me feel a bit more full and alert.