How do you maintain your routine when your timetable is not the same every day?

Sam O.
I try to adjust what I want my routine to be based off of what can be done regardless of what I’ll be doing in my day. Simple things are easy to get done whether I’m doing the same thing everyday or not. Even if it is hard to make my routine work with my different schedules I try to make it work and that’s just my schedule for that day. For example, if I want to exercise everyday, but my schedule for that day doesn’t allow much time for that, then I try to make it work. I’ll do a shorter workout or wake up earlier. And again it also may help to keep things simple and small, don’t do huge things unless you can adjust.
Zayyan N.
i always try and stick to my habits, for example my sleeping schedule isn’t great so i wake up at different times some times at 6am whilst sometimes at 12pm so i try and follow my fabulous check list so drink water, journal and read my book
Monica X.
I try wake up more or less the same time, it doesn't have to be early. Just consistent. Grab a snack no matter whether you're staying at home, or heading out the door. Write a daily list of tasks that must be done by the end of the day. Limit phone time.
Amelia O.
I can squeeze some time for my routine, if I can't do it in morning I'll do it at night. The only secret is don't take a day off, follow routine everyday
Afshana C.
Morning rituals are always the same and at the same time because I wake up before anyone does in my house.. and so I get to have my ME time every single day .

However, afternoons Timings differ based on a number of reasons.. I choose to plan the night before how I would organise my daily tasks given the changes in timings..

So yes timings might differ but you can still do your routine works if you plan beforehand..

All the best..

Afshana 💞

Jamie W.
For now i only have a morning routine, though im slowly building up and piling new habits. I keep my notifications on, to remember i must complete the tasks everytime i open my phone. I check it often, and because i really want to change my life for the better, i try my best to complete all the tasks everyday