What breakfast have you noticed gives you energy to carry you through most of the day?

Celina O.
My quick breakfast of a protein shake straight out the fridge was cool just what I needed probably in times of quick moments. the other day I made oatmeal really took the time to the old son that was more tired and slow down be present and then City I think you're going to find the in-between it was still the protein shake but couldn't get into a glass of ice and then kind of drinking it that we kind of slowly more savory or I could just quit chug and if I had to go I feel like I gave me more energy throughout the day.
Minnie X.
Usually I get oatmeal with fruit in it. It helps sustain me even past lunch more than a sugar breakfast like that morning I had that cinnamon roll. It definitely tasted better too.
Randall S.
This is going to sound crazy, but I eat a bowl of Gerber baby cereal, the rice kind. I add a tiny bit of sugar and maybe a 1:2 ratio of cereal to milk. It's healthy, quick, tastes good, and gives me plenty of energy.
Samuel Q.
Oatmeal: hot or overnight with either bananas, apples, strawberries
The other is an egg breakfast:
Over-easy or scrambled with brown rice & turkey bacon
Sara Z.
Almost every breakfast I eat has pretty rhe same effect on me. I think that my breakfast are enough healty and balanced.
Wendy T.
I think for me it’s not a specific breakfast – I get the most energy when I eat what my body tells me to. No matter wether healthy or not.. as long as it makes me happy, it gives me energy 🙂
Zoe E.
I add a spoon of apple vinegar to my morning glass of water and I've noticed that I feel great all day long. I also eat oatmeal with milk (cow or soy) and I get through lunch without feeling hungry. I prefer not to eat eggs because i find them difficult to digest.
Bas Lio P.
Porridge with granola, pumpkin seeds and walnuts tends to do the trick. Chuck in a banana and some chia seeds, and that's perfect to keep you going for the whole day. Personal preference is stonecut porridge, and I tend to go for a blend of almond and coconut milk.
Owen E.
Breakfast with higher nutritional value should be taken… i.e like protein is the most important energy source. So eggs are best for breakfast.
Chiara E.
The trick is to change your breakfast everyday. That way, your stomach feels full till you reach lunchtime. An apple wakes you up much better than coffee. Add some protein like eggs, peanut butter, and you should be good to go.