I would like some early morning (before school) kid-friendly protein-rich breakfast ideas. We have a lot of eggs…so maybe other options?

Herminia U.
Overnight oats made with protein powder? Idk I was homeschooled and don't have kids. I was a bad user for this app to ask
Enrique F.
When thinking on a kids meal you want to incorporate health to something tasty because let's face it kids don't like veggies so I think the solution is to try other forms of protein like nuts, beef, pork you can do boiled sausages or steamed bacon with onions and light water you can also do sandwiched with different things in them they sound unhealthy but trust me the secret is in how how you cook and serve them this will also allow you to take a break from boiled eggs.
Timothee P.
Protein oats, egg sandwich or burger, parfait, pancakes, eggs and sausages, burrito, omelette and butter bread (toasted), bagle and lox