Have you gained weight eating breakfast?

Maelya T.
Using the intermittent fasting method and eating breakfast, I have not gained weight. I have lost a few pounds so far, actually.
Pablo Y.
Most likely I have gained a bit of weight, however I feel more satisfied and motivated to overcome over indulging in snacking bc of hunger pains. These goals through fabulous keep me motivated to stay accountable to myself and I gain confidence by knowing they are achievable. I am also going to the gym more regularly so I am burning calories as well.
Marie U.
No not really, but i think it's mostly due to my genetics (i don't gain weight easily) and tend to eat quite healthy stuff.
Gerlind O.
No but I do intermittent fasting so sometimes my breakfast is later in the day. Don’t get caught up in formulas listen to your body. It will tell you when it is time to eat.
Marsha P.
No, when you eat breakfast you are giving your body the energy it needs to be active during the day. If you skip breakfast, your body will demand for energy and you will eat a lot more during the day due to the anxiety provoked by a lack of breakfast
Tawhida A.
I am too much overweight. I skip breakfast for many years. I put weight by skiping my breakfas. But now i eat properl. I eat my breakfast. So my food curving decreas. NOW i try to live a healthy life style. I don't gained weight eating breakfast.
Isabella X.
No, I do not think I have gained weight; by buying and preparing healthy food for breakfast, I ensure I eat something good every morning so I am sure over time I will lose weight.
Isabella E.
If you weigh yourself just after you have eaten, then you will be heavier compared to weighing yourself before breakfast.

Long term weight gain depends on what you eat. Ie. An energy dense fried breakfast versus a less energy dense porridge.

Some people on intermittent fasting have a breakfast late in the day to keep their eating window short but they run the risk of over eating.

Nino E.
Eating breakfast is the most important thing to do to push start your day, you need to fuel your body to feel energised. You won't gain weight but will keep it at bay because you won't be munching on fatty/sugary substance if you have wholehearted breakfast in the morning.
Sean C.
Me specifically, no. But I have to eat a lot to gain weight. The only thing that will make anyone gain weight is eating more calories than your body needs, and to found out how much you need, search for a caloric needs calculator. Make sure it uses some form of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Your activity is a big factor as well. If you’re worried about gaining weight, don’t skip breakfast. Just eat a little less, but avoid anything too carby.
Stefania P.
Not at all! It actually helped me a lot to avoid mid-morning snacks so I eat a lot less junk food! I love to have for breakfast chia pudding or oats porridge with loads of toppings! 😋
Marius G.
No – in fact it would help weight loss. If you have a good breakfast, you are full for longer and less inclined to snack.