How can you make sure you’re eating enough of the right things like protein and vitamins, etc?

Alexandra N.
Your body craves what it needs (besides the sweet treats). For example if you feel like bananans your body probably needs potassium. Your body will try and guid you to eat what it needs. Try keep everything you eat as natural, unprocessed and wholewheat as possible. Also fruit is a great way to curb those sweet treat cravings while still having something healthy 😉 Good luck!!! I wish you all the best.
Naim P.
I think it is tightly related to how much you know your body. I try to choose carefully my food and its ingredients. I make my best to eat enough consistent nutrients and drink enough water when having my meals. The way your body respond to efforts, stress and pressure can definitely reflect that you have taken enough proteins and vitamins from what have eaten.
Laura F.
I did a lot of research on healthy food and I know Shae types of food are healthy. So I'm trying to ashtrays have enough of various healthy types of food in my fridge.
No Lle S.
For vitamins: fruit is really important. I recommend eating at least 2 pieces of fruit a day. For protein I'm not the right person to ask I'm afraid, but you could ask Google! 🙂
If you just choose healthy options and don't eat too much, you are doing great!

Xx Noëlle

Jeffery F.
I corporate protein in to every meal even smoothies. This will at least help me get almost all of the protein I need in a day. I try to eat healthy everyone day and prepare my own dishes. I'm stingy like that by preparing my own dishes allow me to put in any vegetable and fruit I want. Which means I can put the rainbow in there. When you eaten the rainbow you will have most of your vitamins intake.
Liz A.
I can take the time to buy them and try to plan my weekly meals. I can also do a mental check every time I eat to make sure I have a protein
Zahraa T.
I guess if I can see on thr internet that simple. I can also make an protein breakfast with the ingredients in the house
Edie Z.
I would highly suggest investing on purchasing a book that can give you all of the information you need! Make sure the diet fits YOUR needs.
Malthe N.
When you eat the right things you will notice the bad feelings are less and your body will be more energetic and your emotions more stable, also your state of mind will he sharper.
I M C.
Well i usually consume some multi vitamins, and make sure to drink my milk, and eating fruit each day.
And of course my nails and my skin, whenever they look healthy, I'm in a right corner
Kirsty N.
Eating a wide variety of foods for breakfast lunch and dinner. By including proteins, fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates
Caroline T.
If u add all of the nutrient
U get a balaced diet as u know this can also help in people who want to ve fit and pregnanat woman.there is no quatity for everything but except for fat . U sould eat less of fat. That all . Thank u
Katrine W.
Take a multivitamin to make sure you are getting everything, but lean meat like fish and poultry are great sources of protein. Also ensure you're eating a mix of plant based foods so you get a variety of minerals and vitamins 🙂
Priyank O.
I eat mostly fruit so vitamin is covered but i am not eating i have to think about it..i can eat nuts for that every day..i can save jar of nuts near my bed every day