How do I get active?

Jillian N.
Walking your dog if you have one or just reading a book. Doing something productive like cleaning your room or doing the dishes. I hope this helped you, have a great day! 💞💞

Storm Y.
I switched from taking a cab to walking to work, no matter what the weather is like (I don’t drive or have a car, for multiple years now)
Plus I have a rambunctious Rott/German shepherd mix that demands a lot of attention, so on my days off we walk to the dog park- about 20/25 minutes each way. She’s the reason I get out of bed in the morning. If you need exercise, get

Brian J.
Start with ANYTHING. You'll never get active if you don't start. So start small. Do something TODAY. Do 5 situps or some pushups. That's it! Then do it again tomorrow. You'll never get active if you try to do too much right away because you'll get discouraged.