Is alright to eat a boiled egg, 2 pieces of banana and a glass of milk for breakfast?

Isaac P.
Yes, the egg is a good source of protein which Will make you feel more full for the rest of the morning. Banana at breakfast is very good because it Will make you have more energy throught the day. And lastly milk Is also good because it contains calcium which Is good for your bones
Apollo E.
I‘d probably recommend something more fulfilling if you have the time. You‘ve got a good base to start with, but it‘s not sustainable and doesn‘t offer much energy! Try adding peanut butter toast, and eat a full banana instead of small pieces. This’ll make your breakfast more complete. Good (complex) carbs, like those found in bananas and whole wheat bread, will give you long-lasting and fulfilling energy; peanut butter will offer good oils/fats; and the peanut butter, egg, and milk offer very good protein. 🙂