I used to compete in bodybuilding a few years ago, so I’m really into doing meal preps. But at that time, I always had time to make my breakfast. Now, I’m up at 4 just to be at work by 5:30. I almost always skip breakfast. I am working on making more meal preps and I want to start making some for breakfast – any ideas on what I can make that will actually be good the next morning? Lol

Marieluise F.
I prep protein options so breakfast can be grab and go. A blender pitcher of smoothie, muffin tin omelette cups, sausage or meatless sausage I just need to microwave, bagels
Teodemiro Q.
Well, I am still in middle school but I do prepare my meals before hand.
Sometimes when I need a quick breakfast
I will just have some yougart and ( any available fruit ) and a handful of almonds or walnuts.
If I have time I will prepare an egg mix it with some cumin,salt,parsley and pepper and fry it with olive oil and then have a good plate of salad
It's weird but if I am going to stay a long time outdoors I would have some chicken mixed with cumin, ginger,salt,pepper,apple cider vinegar fried in olive oil with a plate of salad, but most importantly I drink water just after brushing my teeth (helps me feel energized)
Hope my answer helps.
Herminia U.
Overnight oats, oatmeal bakes, prep a smoothie and blend in the morning, egg muffins, breakfast casserole. I googled and used Pinterest for majority of my recipes! Of course I end up tweaking them to fit my lifestyle more but those sites have a ton of options!
Victoire S.
I’ve been having triple zero Greek yogurt with blueberries and walnuts recently. It comes together super quick, and has plenty of protein to fill me up without a ton of sugar. Hope this helps!
Klaus Werner O.
I love to mix several types of nuts with some liquid (rice milk), it the morning Add just some fruit and apple could be cutted into pieces in advance in the evening too, I think;)
Francisco Z.
Yes I have an idea. I would start making overnight oats, you can make up to at least 3 days ahead and they taste so good. They go in mason jars and you don’t have to cook any of it. I usually make mine with oatmeal, almond milk, honey, cinnamon, peanut butter, chia seeds, and fruit. The fruit I prefer are strawberries and raspberries or some days just a banana. If you do the banana I wouldn’t slice it till you are getting ready to eat it. Just tastes better that way to me. There are tons of recipes online for these. Hope you enjoy!
Corey Q.
What people usually make that can stay delicious overnight is something called overnight oats, it’s an alternative way to making oatmeal where instead of pouring water and throwing it in the microwave you just get oats in a bowl/cup/jar with milk and let it set overnight. The oats absorb the milk and by morning all you have to do is slap some fruit or sugar or anything you like on top and you’re ready to eat!
There are many recipes you can follow or take inspiration from on the internet, hope this helped you in some way; good luck!
Holly E.
I am experimenting with meal prep. Try prepping fruit and oatmeal. Prep strawberries by washing, trimming and halving. Then add a paper towel to the bottom of the carton before returning the fruit. Also, was a carton of blueberries. In a mason jar add dry oats and milk. Close jar with a lid. In the morning the oats will have rehydrated. Add fruit and eat the oatmeal directly from the jar. The use of the Mason jar allows you the flexibility to eat breakfast at home or work.
William B.
For breakfast I prefer make a big smoothie with protein powder, yogurt, oatmeal and fruit so I can get enough fuel to stay active in the morning and if I don’t have time to drink it, I can take the jar with me (I’m using right now the nutrí ninja blender)
Barry J.
I like oatmeal. There are several overnight oat recipes that would work well. Or Quaker has some oatmeal chips that take less than 2 minutes to prepare
Craig Z.
Organise Muesli in a takeaway container the night before and have a yoghurt in the fridge. In the morning chuck them both in your bag and a piece of fruit and eat it when you get to work. You can also usually use milk at work for the muesli.
Raul W.
I make breakfast burritoes on the weekend, fully cooked and ready to just heat and eat. I keep a bunch if them individually wrapped in my freezer and I can just grab one, pop it in the microwave and by the time I fill my water bottle and grab my lunch out of the fridge, it's done. I can eat it on the way to work or eat it in the parking lot before I go in. Hope this helps!
Tristan O.
I'm a working mom of 3 (2 are 16 month twins) so anything I can quickly throw together the night before and take with me the next morning works best for me. I will do chia seed pudding, overnight oats or throw oatmeal in the Crock-Pot, so the next morning I can toss in any toppings I want and head out the door. Also, yogurt is crazu easy.
Undine F.
I’m sure you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s also very important to eat healthy things. I recommend you to eat sandwich kind of things. I can’t really think of anything that’ll be good the next morning. But you can try to prepare the ingredients of the food you’re going to make the night before. It will spare you some time. I hope it helped.
Silas P.
Tiny muffin omelets are always a great option. If you scramble eggs you can put different meat options protein options as in bacon ham you can throw in spinach or basil, salsa and pour them into tiny muffin tins kick them in the oven at 3:50 they freeze well they can keep for up to a week in your fridge so you can grab and go. These are a great option for those who are up early and need to be on the road early. French toast strips are good option as well when making your French toast dipping stuff add your maple syrup directly into the batter so when you dip your toast in and you cook it they already sweets and they already have a nice flavour and then you can grab and go as you need. Pre-frozen shakes are great too if you cut up your vegetables, your fruits put in chia seeds or sunflower seeds,spinach, kale… the list goes on. Put them in freezer bags ( one portion per bag). Take them out when in need add your liquid, blend and get on the road
Jutta Z.
Hey, i had same problem once, so I could say some tips and meals that I used to make .. in summer and spring I recommend you fruit breakfast ( some apples , grapes, …) with yogurt and toast.
I used to make boiled eggs and make a salad night (evening ) before and its awesome when its cold from a fridge
And for cold days I think soups are great, maybe zucchini soup 🙂
Hope I helped you!
Curtis C.
Hi, when i do not have time to make a good breakfast but i have never ever skip one. What i do is when i do not have time I just ear 2 slices of bread and a cup of coffee when I am on my way to go to work/class. Put the bread in a container or anything and the coffee put in the coffee tumbler. That way you will never skip breakfast.
Charlene C.
My roommate makes breakfast burritos with extra filling ingredients like black beans, eggs, cheese, and sweet potato. She meal preps for the entire week on Sunday, wraps up each wrap in foil, and freezes them. They reheat pretty well. Just add salsa.
Lotti F.
Overnight oats, there’re so many variations you can choose from. Or breakfast burritos, they can even go in the freezer.
Judith C.
Muesli and certain oatmeal recipes that are made the previous night and left in the fridge or in a jar overnight to soak up are pretty perfect for this. I also keep bananas chopped and frozen in a bag in the freezer for fast smoothie-making in the mornings.
Edith U.
Sausage and cheese croissant breakfast sandwiches from ALDI. They’re in the freezer section. The cooking instructions are wrong. 30 seconds on each side and you’re good.
Celestino Z.
For breakfast meal prep there are some really great options. You can mix it up so you don’t get bored. My husband and I are chefs and for us breakfast is a very important meal for us and our children. When we have a lot going on I tend to make a few different things that are grab and go, some healthier than others. Individual frittatas are a good option, you can use muffin pans so you can individually freeze them. The options for fillings are endless. I like to do broccoli, garlic, tomatoes and basil but really the options are endless. Also cold oatmeal is a really good option, or chia pudding. There are a lot of recipes on Pinterest for that kind of stuff.
T O E.
I would go with freezer fruit smoothie packs. Easy to prep in advance and you can pack it full of nutrient boosters like nuts, seeds, and veggies; alongside some fruit like strawberries and peaches or something else. Takes hardly any time to blend it up with a cup of liquid (coconut water or almond milk) and it provides really good energy and fullness.

Another option would be stuff like mini quiches and breakfast tacquitos that you can make in advance and pop in the toaster oven or microwave.

Hope it helps

Andrea E.
I rely on snack bars, string cheese, yogurt smoothies I can eat in the car. If you want to get fancy, you can prep overnight oats, chia pudding, egg sandwiches, pb&j.
Danielle E.
So breakfast has always been my week spot. Even when i go into work late at 10 or so I still struggle with it. Not only that, but I have a more physical job so cereals, yogurts, fruits, and other quick grabs cause my to crash early on. I usually do jimmy deans egg fritatas. They are sold in the frozen food section and are quick and easy. If you want you can even make your own!
Waldtraut J.
Bircher muesli – oats soaked in almond milk and with some fruit and nuts chopped. Berries work well.
Or try intermittent fasting and skip breakfast haha
Eleni S.
You can prep yourself by getting a glass of water by your bed. Also get your food preped for the next day the night before. Eggs, oatmeal, granola, ect these are very good fooda. If your like me and you are so buisy that you start the minute you get up drink a protien shake for dreakfasr this is just as good
Rosalyn P.
There is a subreddit dedicated to mealprep. On Reddit, a website, look at r/mealprep and r/mealprepsunday for lots of ideas.
Saskia J.
I don’t know exactly because I am not really expert in prep meals, but I think on the internet could be some good advices.
Andreias A.
I say maybe a yogurt parfait, get some nonflavored yogurt, granola, strawberries, blueberries, and granola. I love fruit and I'm sure you could prepare it before hand then put it in the fridge. Also, avacado toast with some eggs on top… A cut up apple and some peanut butter? I'm just listing off what I usually eat for breakfast XDXD
Levi C.
Boiled eggs, soup, curry and rice, and any sort of food that you would eat as leftovers. Hope you found this helpful! Good luck! 🍀
Maxence E.
I love meal prepping. Especially with my unpredictable freelancing schedule. My go-to morning meal prep is an egg bake. I use lots of peppers, spinach, onion, fresh herbs and green chili’s with the eggs all mixed into a 9×13 baking dish which gives me 6 great ready to go meals! If I know I’ll need more than that, I make a larger version and freeze servings wrapped with wet paper towels. Then when I microwave them to reheat they still taste fresh and not hard.
Eddie W.
Bircher muesli is a great option as it is needs to be left overnight, depending on the oats you use. Here is a recipe link: http://mylittlegourmet.com/breakfast/bircher-muesli/
Layla U.
breakfast burritos are something you could make in a batch that would freeze well. You could also try making your own granola bars!
Kenzi U.
what about cooking oatmeal in the microwave with fruit toppings? or overnight oatmeals (haven't tried the last one though)
Hector T.
Overnight oats. Find a base recipe online and from there the world of toppings is immense! I like topping 1 minute oats with yogurt and nuts or granola and a bit of maple syrup! If you pack them in small jam/mason jars you can eat on the go too.
Susann O.
Hi another easy grab-and-go meal for me is to cook 1/2c of quinoa, add 2oz of chopped walnuts, a chopped apple, 1tsp cinnamon and 1/2tsp nutmeg. Split this in half and reheat one portion for breakfast.
Elmer P.
Scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese is just as good warmed up the next day in the microwave. Takes 60 seconds and is delicious with some hot sauce
Flora S.
Intermittent fasting has been shown to be very healthy. Make yourself a super healthly lunch and have some nuts or fresh berries as a snack if you get really hungry.
Julie W.
My fallback is always Greek full fat yoghurt, blueberries, banana and strawberries. You can cut the strawberries in the evening and just mix it together in the morning with bananas , yummie
Marc J.
Here are two that I’ve used in the past and liked. Can’t say I “make ahead” very often as I just don’t have my act together enough to plan/execute…I have 3 kids and work full time…lots of cereal and grilled chicken consumed around here. I’ve got a few blogs for meal prep that look great – I can forward if interested.




Jonas T.
I have been making protein shakes in the morning for the past many years. They are simple and quick. I add in fruit and veggies ( either cucumber, frozen diced cauliflower, spinach or micro greens) milk of choice, protein powder ice and sometimes some nut butter. They keep me full throughout the morning, and taste great!
Ada B.
I have some staples that I usually make. The night before I usually make one or two of the following: fruit salad with ground flax seed, a green juice, overnight oats and soy yogurt & a side of granola. I take one or two to work to have as breakfast.
Herlander F.
I know a lot of people are into overnight oats because it's exactly what you're looking for – you make it in the evening and keep it in the fridge overnight and in the morning it is ready to eat! Also try boiling eggs the night before and you can boil a bunch to have them for a few days ahead as well and just have those in the morning with maybe a piece of toast or quickly slice up a cucumber for example for a light/quick but filling breakfast.
Claude G.
I'm in college, so I totally understand rushed mornings. I typically keep healthy granola bars and apples on hand to make sure I have something, even if I'm just grabbing it and going. When I have a little more time, I have quick-cook oats that I can either make on the stove or microwave for a few minutes (and could be taken to go in tuperware to eat at work if needed). I also like keeping cereal and supplies to make toast/peanut butter sandwiches, but I don't eat those as often. I hope that helps a little!
Elisah T.
I would say prepare your meal the night before if you want to make something specific, like waffles or maybe pancakes. You can also use leftovers for example. You can also just cut some fruits or veggies and your good. You can order food too if you’re really lazy lol
Mustafa O.
Perhaps make meals the night before, or have a calendar where you write down what exactly you'll eat every day, it would go hand in hand with your meal plan.
Louane T.
I toss a bag of the pre-made Walmart smoothie in the blender with some OJ, oiko three zero Greek yogurt, and a scoop of vegetable protein powder and drink it in the car. I’ll also toss some bacon on a plate with paper towels above and beneath them for about 15 seconds per piece of bacon and eat it on the go.
Signe B.
Wow, you are an early bird! I usually make berry smoothies for breakfast but I also enjoy good yogurt with whole berries + chia seed + flaxseed + nuts + sprinkle of granola for breakfast. If I were you, I would just prepare seeds and nuts in a jar and yogurt and berries ready to go. In the morning, you just need to mix them and enjoy 😊
Cristina X.
Since going vegan, For breakfast I eat mainly mangoes, watermelons and pears w/ oatmeal mix with quinoa, chai seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond milk and almond butter. Good luck on your journey and I’m rooting for you.
Claudilene Q.
If you are into smoothies, you can prep the ingredients or make the smoothie in the evening and throw it in the fridge. Or, if you want something more filling, you could make scrambled eggs and put them in a thermos until morning.
Eddie W.
I have a great recipe for baked oatmeal bowls that I can make ahead and freeze. Then I take a couple out of the freezer in the evening so they are defrosted by morning. It’s like a bowl of porridge, but without the hassle! The recipe I use is from lifemadesweeter.com
Johan Z.
I used to make what I called egg muffins. You can take eggs and anything you want to add to them and bake them in a muffin tins for an easy on the go breakfast.
X Nio A.
Boiled eggs, grilled or BBQ’d fruit such as peaches can work well with yoghurt, citrus fruit salad, protein breakfast cookies, protein bars.
Thea W.
Egg muffins! There are recipes online, but basically, egg, egg white, some veggies and s little bisquick Stirred together and baked in a greased muffin tin OR paper muffin cups. They freeze well and are easy to eat even while driving. For exact proportions, look up “Impossible Quiche” recipes.
Sophia C.
1. You can make a big breakfast casserole or quiche (crust-free or potato crust if you're doing a GF/low-gluten diet) and then freeze pieces or keep in the fridge for reheating in microwave, oven, or toaster oven while getting ready, then take with you out the door.

2. Make or buy healthy breakfast burritos and keep individually wrapped in foil in the fridge (or freezer), then reheat while getting ready and take with you.

3. Smoothie ingredients in jars in the fridge, ready to blend, or ziplock bags in the freezer.

4. Overnight oats. I've never done this myself but there are tons of recipes online.

Marie P.
You can put yogurt and oats and chi seeds and maybe even fruit in a container. You can also make saladd and sandwichs even if it is not a normal breakfast food you will be full for while. I hope this helps!
Curtis J.
A protein bar and a coffee are always my back up plann in the back of the cupboard for those days when time seams to be running in third gear and im stuck in first. But a ceaser style salad bowl or some overnight oats in a jam jar hold out great in the fridge for breakfast the next day.
Est Ban E.
One simple option is ‘overnight oats’, you can google some recipes. It is really simple: mix some oats with milk, some fruit and peanut butter or any other combo. I often add some protein powder. Let it stay in fridge over night.
Gerald E.
You can do what you have previously done, just the night before. Then you can reheat it if needed but that generally doesn't take long.
Silke Z.
Chia pudding with fruit, overnight oats, egg muffins (mini frittatas that are baked in muffin tins), regular muffins, a nut butter sandwich with slices of banana or apple.
Marvin F.
Bagels are quick and easy. Also my sister makes these yummy egg muffin cakes. You scramble up eggs and put whatever veggies, cooked meat and spices you want then fill each slot up about half way. Bake until fluffed up and golden brown. You can sprinkle some cheese on top. Refrigerate. Heat up next morning in the microwave and chow down on some awesome yumminess! 😋
Maria Luise Q.
I enjoy boiling eggs the night before and I eat them cold. I put the blender on the counter with my cup at night and in the morning I blend frozen fruit with protein shake mix when I wake up.
Having protein bars in my car is great with a banana when I'm running late.
Reginald O.
Something easy, fast to prepare that you can take with you, and enjoy it at work. Usually i boil eggs and take juice or yogurt. Other days I would like to have turkey slice, fraying some minced meat with onion would make a good choice as well.
You can do it while getting ready for work . Good luck always
Do you have fridge at work? It might make things easier for you
Troy Y.
I like to do overnight oats. You just put oatmeal (not instant) in a jar with some milk or water in the fridge overnight. I like to add brown sugar, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. Some people add yogurt or frozen/fresh fruit. I hear bananas are pretty good. It takes literally three minutes to throw together the night before.
Roger E.
Fancy oatmeals, pancakes with pb, yogurt + muesli and a banana/ tea with home made cookies/ avocado toast/ protein bar/protein shake ect ect
Jackson P.
Something like overnight oats is a great way to customize a delicious breakfast! But more often than not, I reach for a small baggie of nuts or a couple hard-boiled eggs. Both easy to prepare for busy mornings and wholesome for the body.
Clem Q.
You could make your own breakfast sandwiches. You can make eggs & turkey bacon or sausage. add a cheese slice and English muffin. Wrap them up and freeze them. Then you can microwave the next day.
Connor Q.
You can always keep it simple like your favorite smoothies or favorite fruit and trail mix. There are plenty of frozen breakfast meals out there as well but that is if you want to sacrifice some health benefits.
Orlindo C.
Prepare the night before by making smoothies “bags” and freezing them. On Sundays, I slice bananas, strawberries, and dates and combine them with spinach and flax seed meal in a sandwich bag. I throw them in the freezer and I have have smoothies ready to go all week. I mix oat milk with the bags when I make them!
Eliott Y.
Making steel cut oatmeal in batches or by having instant oatmeal packs handy for when you’re running late or forgot to meal prep.
Anette C.
In the winter: Cooked porridge (with all the healthy trimmings: chopped dried fruit, nuts, spices).
Healthy home-made muesli (oats, nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon/other spices; just add milk/water when you're ready to eat it).
Gaspard Y.
You can make overnight oats, so something similarly designed to be made the night before. Or you could make smoothies and keep them in your fridge.
Rachel E.
Oatmeal! Just get around 3 cups and put them in boiling milk of your choice with 1 spoon of salt and 2 spoons of cinnamon. Let them cook on low heat until they have absorbed the milk and softened. Let them cool and put in a container in the fridge.
It should last good 5-6 days and then in the mornings you can just serve it up with some fruit of your choice like blueberries and apples, a dash of cinnamon and you should be good to go. Perfect breakfast that will keep you full until your snack which by the way you can always take some and change up the fruits for a twist.
Lola J.
Don't know if this is your style, but I've been making chia puddings. They take about ten minutes to make up in the evening, and keep for about 3 days so I make a few at once. I mix things like banana and different spices and toppings through like peanut butter or berries. You could mix through protein powder too to give it a protein kick. Things like overnight oats are good too, and can easily be made up in ready to go containers to you can take them on your commute. Or make up some breakfast wraps at the start of the week, I find if the filling isn't too soggy they stay good for at least the weekdays!
Amaury E.
Overnight oats! All the ingredients can be bought for the week and you do light prep the evening before. Next morning – already made delicious breakfast!
Luiziane Q.
I think you can prepare lettuce sandwich. (my own recipe) Recipe: (2 s.)
mix 2 eggs and chopped lettuces in a bowl, then cook both of the sides in the pan. add ketchup to your toast bread and put your mixture in it. Ta da! It’s delicious.
(sorry for my low english skills.)
Sol Ne N.
You can do pancakes, omelettes, bacon, hard boiled eggs. For on the go breakfast you can have the protein bars, granola bars, probiotic yogurt or smoothie with fruits or any other breakfasts that you can think of.
Maria E.
Overnight oats are a great option! You can even prep them for the whole week by making a batch in Mason jars and storing them in the fridge.
Evelyni W.
Lol. If you check this app it should give you food recommendations. Besides just taking like 10-15 minutes to make eggs for yourself, I would buy some bananas at the store the day before as well as a jar of peanut butter. I love bananas and peanut butter, so eating a banana and a scoop of peanut butter in the morning is not only time efficient, it is also
delicious to me so my mornings are already on a great start! Now, having that combo is not the only way to go and neither is eggs. But if you want to see what quick, easy and simple breakfasts there are, just search around this app until you find the article on breakfasts. I'm sure you can find it. When you do you will be very much informed. Good luck, body builder!
Anatole Q.
I have not tried this myself but I have been recommended a granola cup. Look up a recipe but you use a mason jar and fill it with yogurt, honey, granola and frozen fruits the night before. By the morning the fruits should have thawed and ready to eat. Might be worth a try! Also adding things like chia seeds etc for an extra boost.
Leta E.
Actually I have only been eating breakfast for about a year myself. I have always been a very slow starter in the morning and no matter how early I woke up I found myself running late, limited on time and of course breakfast was always the last thing I thought about, but being hypoglycemic I would need to eat something high protein by ten am or I would be sick feeling, upset stomach, headachy, lightheaded & on a couple of occasions even passed out. So it was imperative to make sure that I had access to trail mixes, granola bars & milk or triskets,cheese & pepperoni. If you eat cereals eat the ones that are whole grain with nuts and virtually no sugar. One of my favorites was broth or soup with pop corn dropped in each bite for the texture. Now I eat scrambled eggs because they are quick w/sliced avocado and tomatoes or I like nutribullet blasts, with fruit, vegetables & seeds & nuts.
Christian G.
It might not be the best but you could have some yogurth in a cup, oat and cranberries in another cup just to mix them in the morning. And a hard boiled egg to add some protein. I hope it's was useful for you 👍
Joris S.
Overnight oats would be perfect, tasty and very nutritious. I prepare them in a jar the night before: oats, milk, honey and some almond pieces, I keep the jar in the fridge and in the morning I just add some fruit like blueberries and bananas, and eat it directly from the jar.
Lenny S.
Usually for breakfast I have soy yoghurt with cereals, honey and peanut butter. It takes nothing to prepare it and I have it as soon as I wake up. If you want to prepare something the night before maybe some protein pancakes..?
Lorraine F.
Vegetables frittatas for the win! They last in the fridge the whole week. Recipes are online and are very easy to do. I used to pack them the night before so in the morning just grab and go.