I don’t really like breakfasts that take a lot of effort or crazy, foreign ingredients. However, I am looking for something healthy. What would you recommend?

Luna N.
I would usually eat an apple, or half a pear, or some healthy fruit, along with some wholesome cereal and milk. There are many things you could add or take from that setup though— you could eat some nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc) in place of the cereal, or with the cereal. I have a family member who consistently eats a variety of different fruits each morning, such as watermelon or apple or pear or orange. So there’s a lot of different options out there for everyone.
Argemiro F.
I'd recommend having something simple, like fried eggs and toast. It's simple, doesn't take much time, and has protein and grains to help start your day 🙂
Michael N.
My daily driver for the last couple years is eggs with bacon and Mozarella cheese. I don’t really get tired of it and it’s quick, delicious, filling and starts you off with lots of protein and almost no carbs
Roxane P.
Make oatmeal bars on Sunday and eat them throughout the week. You can make it really simple with just oats and milk and an egg and bake it for an hour, or really tasty with apples and seeds and even some chocolate chips. They provide lots of long burning fuel and prevent me from reaching for less healthy options throughout the day.
Sierra N.
I would go for magic spoon cereal. It includes a lot of protein and other healthy stuff. It’s delicious with all the flavors they have and you can now get it at Walmart. It keeps me full until lunch and I get my protein in early in the morning.