How do you measure calories?

Dagmar A.
For now, I do not mesure calories. But there is an app in my smartphone, which allow me to see the calories I lose while walking and running.
Asta W.
I dont. I eat till Im full. I dont worry aboit the calories as mush as taking in good nutritious food and being satisfied and full
Oscar C.
Food packaging *should tell you.

However I’d encourage you to focus on portion control, NOT calorie counting. Drink at least 8oz of water first, and have your plate be mostly veggies.

Bonnie P.
I've been counting calories off and on for many years. I can just look at something and estimate if there is no package available. I write the calories down in a paper notebook. I am old fashioned, though. Most people these days use apps on their phones. And there is always google, if a package is not available. Restaurants often have the calorie information available if you ask. There are calculators on the internet that can estimate what calories you should eat and burn to have the weight trend you desire. If you forget to write a food down or cannot get the calories, don't give up on that day. Keep writing the rest of the day, even if you mess up one or more of the entries.
Felix J.
Before I have to eat any thing go to google knows calories of every product then I eat that make a chart of calories also
Nino P.
When I do measure calories I go by the components that make up the portions I consume. And those calories I skip out on add up to success. Most of the time I measure calories by how much I add in comparison to how much I have done and achieved.
Dolores F.
Mostly using an app like My fitness pal or similar. Also just guesstimating. Our meals are pretty healthy generally so when we have a calorie blow out it's pretty easy to know without counting – a weekend with too many beers, or eating a huge portion for dinner instead of packing it straight away to save for lunches.
In S E.
I do not. I keep track of my weight with a specific pair of pants. It the pair I bought when I felt the best way of ever felt. Everytime I feel like checking or think I've gained, I our them on. Did they fit I don't not worry. If they don't then I straighten my food and Jack Up exercice
Rosane S.
I use a calorie tracking app called MyFitnessPal, and try to log everything I eat. I scan the barcode for nutritional data if possible, but in general err on the side of counting too many calories vs too few, to try and keep the number down
Hanspeter N.
Well first I look at carbs because if i’m not working out it’s harder to work off the calorie intake from them. With anything packaged I always read the label to see the calories. I have fruit has a lot of sugar but not a lot of calories so I eat fresh fruit everyday and same with vegetables fresh everyday; there are a few I liked better cooked unfortunately.
M Lody Q.
I measure calories by looking up the item on my Health app. If I can't find it, I use my best guess. The important thing is to be mindful of what you are eating.