What time do you eat breakfast and why?

Segismundo C.
I work nights and am a natural night owl. I'M is up around 11am, do some meditation, yoga, then eat breakfast by around 1pm

Daryl P.
Around 7am. Why? Because that's when it usually happens I guess. I typically do not arrive at work with nothing in my stomach. Sometimes I drink a shake which can take 30 mins. to consume.

Gladys Z.
Since I started using this app I been eating for healthier breakfast like eggs and an apple in the morning or a banana with eggs just because and I want to feel energized to go the gym in an hour so that's why i eat those

Rachel O.
I usually have breakfast right after I brush my teeth in the morning. I'll open up my fridge, take out what I prepared earlier, it usually be eggs, Greek yogurt, and soymilk.
Then I slowly tidy up my desk, put on my earphones, play the music that pump me up. Having my breakfast slowly with music energize me, make me feeling I m in my own pace, fully controlled of my day. Not in a rush anymore, in a rush heading to my office, biting a sandwich in my mouth while working.

Start an energized day with a slow breakfast and music❤️

William Z.
I try to eat an hour after I wake up. So maybe by 11. I find it really hard to eat in the morning so I give myself a little time if needed

Mathilde E.
I actually don’t technically eat breakfast. I’m on intermittent fasting which essentially means skipping breakfast. It’s worked great for me! I’ve lost 50 lbs so far!

Alice Z.
Between 7-8AM. I usually drink coffee with my sister around that time (the only habit I really do stick to lol) so I always try to eat at least something before getting out of the house.

Dener C.
My goal is to eat breakfast before 10 am. If I skip or eat too late, then I either skip lunch, or have lunch really late, which isn't good. Then my dinner gets thrown off too. So I have to start off right!

Philippe U.
Around 7:30-8. It’s right before I have to get ready for work but about an hour after I wake up. I’m not super hungry right away in the morning so it’s a nice delay. Lunch usually isn’t until noon so that’s about 4 hours so that I’m good and hungry.

Derek F.
I usually eat my breakfast between 7:30-8:00am because it gives me a little bit of time to wake up (I wake up at 7). It helps me feel full longer and more energized throughout the day when I get a small buffer like that. I recommend eating 15-30 minutes after you wake up.

Malvina C.
I don't eat right away in the morning because I'm usually not hungry. I find myself making coffee and doing chores first and then i run out of time.

Dirque Q.
I eat between 8:30 to 9:00 AM before leaving for work. And I believe eating in morning is important for my body and brain.

Isauro E.
I usually eat an hour after I wake up. It gives me time to enter into the routine of my day and complete any urgent tasks that are necessary, such as, making breakfast or packing the lunch of my daughter before daycare.

Clara B.
I usually eat breakfast an hour or two after I wake up. So, I will eat breakfast after my morning exercise or whatever else I am doing in the morning. If I had to be more specific, I eat breakfast between 9-10am.

Jonathan C.
9:30 am. I'm usually not hungry when I first wake up and by the time I've worked a n hour at work I'm ready for breakfast.

Blake S.
730 – 830. I am usually getting my son ready for school and making his breakfast. I often have a shake for breakfast and dont prepare it until after he is gone for school.

Rachel E.
I eat breakfast typically at 7:00 am. I eat then because I typically get hungry as soon as I wake up and because I think eating early is better.

Eliot Z.
I usually eat my breakfast around 10:00 AM since I work in a refinery and my day starts with visiting the control room and then a meeting or 2. So I am usually done with all that at around 10:00.

Emma W.
Between 9am – 11am. Usually after a start at work and once I feel I'm in a good place to take 30 mins. Weekends and days off I have brunch between 11am and 1pm.

Morgane C.
I normally eat breakfast around 7:30 am because I have breakfast at work, but on weekends that really varies. I tend to wake up on weekends around 11 am

Norberta A.
I eat breakfast shortly after waking up, which can vary from 9am-12pm. I do so because my body sends strong signals if I refuse to eat.

Fadime J.
First thing….after drinking water, of course. My job is pretty demanding physically, so I need to put some calories back in the bank in the morning.

Deise Z.
I try to eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. I don’t have a really good reason as to why, only that it staves off my hunger longer if I do that haha

Walfried Z.
I eat my breakfast around 9:30 a.m. after I arrived at work because I don't wake up in time to eat my breakfast get ready and go to work so most times I eat it at work but I'm not just eating my breakfast I'm also multitasking.

Darren A.
I usually eat at 7am since I want to be ahead of everyone at work. Recently I have been eating later since I have been on leave and I’m thinking about eating later from now on since sometimes it can feel forced to eat to early if I’m not hungry.

Lise E.
Right now I eat my breakfast about 15min after waking up, which is not at the same time everyday (I am working on that). I started the habit, because Fabolous told me to do so 🙂 now I see some benefits myself: I feel more grounded, I am not starving and then overeat at lunchtime anymore and last but not least, my beautiful breakfast bowl is a delight in the morning.

Avery R.
Usually 30 minutes after I woke up. I prefer eating breakfast as soon as I wake up but it takes about 30 mins to prep for it.

Franklin O.
I eat breakfast within an hour of waking… about 8:00 AM. Honestly, if I don't, I feel like I'm going to faint. I've always eaten breakfast. I look forward to it. I'm a morning person by nature, and I love to make breakfast a special meal to help me start off the day right. I somehow feel better prepared for the day when I've had breakfast.

Felix W.
I eat breakfast after my 10 minutes workout. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it prepares u and gives u energy for the day so u should definitely eat it!

Olivia A.
I typically eat a later breakfast, often between 9 and 11. I find it helps curb my appetite throughout the day. If I do need more than water or tea for energy, I'll try to stick with something like a spoonful of peanut butter.

Valdemar F.
I currently eat breakfast around 7:30 though I wake up much earlier because that’s when I get all of my children downstairs and started on their own breakfasts. At this time my breakfast is usually scarfed while standing in between shuttling breakfast items to/from the table for my kids. Throughout this effort of changing my routines with Fabulous I’d like to adjust this timeframe and eat my breakfast right after I wake up (around 5:30) instead. I think this would allow me to feel more fueled, less frazzled and hopefully more patient with my two toddlers and baby as they all wake up in the morning.

Tom T.
Well i usually wake up around 9 and eat at 10ish. Ew i know but its a bit of a habit. Im really lazy so thats why i eat late and i use my phone/feed my pets rats first. Lets be honest, theyre more important than me.

Valdemar W.
I ate breakfast anytime between 7 AM and 8 AM. I leave for work at 8 AM so it’s better if I eat before eight and leave time for me to get to work on time. I like to eat breakfast before going to work that I have energy for the morning ahead.

Martin A.
I usually eat breakfast a little after waking, some times on the way to work. I eat to start my day and I try to start right with some protein and slow carbs to hold me over.

Lee O.
It depends if I have to go to class I eat at 7:30 Am, and om days that I don’t I usually wake up around 9 Am, I’ll have my breakfast and go to the gym.

William E.
I had breakfast at around 9.30 am, a little late because I had a slow long start this morning. It’s really really hot so I didn’t sleep well.

Ralph G.
I eat breakfast around 7:30 am. The reason i eat breakfast is because it makes me feels energised throughout the day and helps with my concentration in school

Loivaci A.
In the past, I had been having my breakfast very late for mornings.. ( 15:00-17:00 etc in the evenings) that was a horrible habit, I was tired and depressed for that time.. I restarted some bad-good habits all. I thought I must delete and burry the bad ones, and must have good ones. I accepted the challenge, now I wake up very early in the mornings for ex: 05:30 , and I eat about 12:00-13:00. I don’t want to eat earlier..

Jessica F.
I eat breakfast 1hour after I have been up because that is what is recommended for me to do by my Dietician so I can lose weight

Bessie E.
Force it first. Protein and fats as early as possible. Why? Do your own research. It's exhausting how America twists our minds about food intake and well being.

Sert Rio Q.
Around 7.30 AM in the morning. My alarm goes off at 6.45, after which I take a shower and prepare breakfast. I schedule a little time in to sit back for 5 minutes and then I eat it.