What are other options for a quick and easy breakfast?

Elo Se A.
You can have a breakfast bar, if I'm in a rush I'll take to because I know I'll still be hungry after the first. Also, some fruit, like bananas and apples, make a great quick and easy breakfast because they are healthy and good for you, and you don't need to prepare anything with them.
Gg N.
Oatmeal, a smoothie, a tea and a granola bar. Daily Harvest has a delivery service for smoothies where they give you the fruit needed and all you need is water and a blender! Hope this helps!
Simone N.
Porridge oats in the microwave topped with banana, maple syrup and soy milk. If you need more protein, fry 2 eggs to have on the side. Only takes 5 mins tops to put together. Otherwise the Musashi brand protien crisp bars are super yum and extra quick.
Jean E.
Scrambled eggs on toast, greek yoghurt with nuts and fruit, toast with hazelnut butter and a bananna, porridge in the microwave with hazelnut butter and a bananna
Olivia Z.
Try to include as much good thibns for you as you can, like lots of fruits, you can also cut it and put it in yogurt so is kinda quick but also really good and healty