Eating breakfast is really healthier than not having it?

Emile O.
Yes! You should always eat breakfast even if it's less than healthy. Also, don't forget that if you eat more for dinner than the other meals of the day, you will gain weight.
Olivia E.
I’m personally a fan of skipping breakfast, although I don’t have a particular rule about it. I just go with what I feel like that day.
Hugo P.
Yes, even if you start small, have an apple or a banana on your way to work. That way you can start training your body to to jumpstart it's metabolism and one day you may even be hungry iwhen you wake up.
Zoey O.
Yes it is! It gives me energy for the day especially if a healthy one is eaten. Also it can provide nutrients and it’s an opportunity to take time for myself in the morning.
Morris J.
I don’t think that’s true if you are not hungry in the morning. However skipping due to lack of time might cause fast sugar cravings later in the day. There is also some evidence that prolonging the fasting non-eating time can be of benefit to health.
Deborah F.
Oui parce que le matin il vaut mieux manger tel un roi et le soir tel un pauvre. La journée nous pouvons digérer un repas complet alors que le soir si l’on mange trop ou autre on risque d’être ballonné ou de mal digérer car la position couchée n’est pas recommender pour digérer mais plutôt une activité régulière comme dans une journée 😌
Benjamin Z.
Yes, but it has to be a healthy breakfast in my opinion even if you wake up at 2 o’clock and think “it doesn’t count it’s after noon!” Well it does breakfast is just what it says in the name breaking a fast as in eating after fasting and in our case that is the time when we sleep so as soon as you wake up you should eat a healthy breakfast no matter the time!
Mirco Q.
Have a healthy breakfast provides you with energy and nutrients for the day. Without this meal you are already missing vital nutrients and depriving your body of the required energy for your body and brain to function and it’s highest potential.
Ute U.
Yes eating breakfast is healthier than not having it. It stops you making bad dietary decisions, for example, you probably wouldn’t reach for that biscuit or chocolate shared at work if you’re full from the morning’s porridge oats or weetabix. Shake it up a bit and have a banana or watermelon instead! Plan something interesting the night before. Set your day up with a big breakfast!