Do you take a shower before exercising?

Herminia O.
I normally take a shower after exercising. Since I work out in the morning, I do my morning ritual, exercise, and then shower.
Din P.
No, overshowering dries out my skin and hair and showers use a lot of water. So, I save it for after to wash away the mess and help relax my muscles. If my hair hadn’t gotten sweaty, I use a shower cap and just do a quick rinse.
Lola Z.
No .I normally take shower after exercises as I can get hot. However if it's yoga or pilates I find that a shower refreshes me and helps with my breathing.
Michele P.
I prefer to brush my teeth first and wash my face. Then hydrate. And then do a short meditation/yoga Breath work. After that, exercise. Then the rest of my morning routine
Garance Z.
I do not take a shower before exercising, because I like taking one after. It feels good to take a shower after doing some exercise
Gerald S.
No usually I take a shower after excersing so that I wash the sweat away and continue my day. If I excersise at night I would always shower afterwards.
Joris C.
I usually prefer to take a shower about 20 minutes after exercising. I occasionally shower in the morning so that's when I shower before exercise.
Margret Q.
No. Why get clean and then need another shower after you work out? I exercise dirty and then shower, but that is much easier to do when you workout at home.
Amanda R.
No.. I get hot and sweaty when I exercise so I prefer to take a shower after I exercise.. It also helps me to relax while cooling off starting with cool water temperature at first.. 😁
Leta O.
Not normally, no! Unless I feel too gross to feel comfortable going outside to the gym. But generally I don't like to shower just to immediately get sweaty.
Cl Ment E.
But for a proper answer, it depends on when I work. If I'm working night shift, then after, and I usually work night shift. If I work the morning shift, have taken a shower, and there's still some time before work, I might slip in the exercise then.
In general, floors are gross and exercising is a sweaty process, so showers are better left for after the sweating.
Regina P.
Why on earth would anyone’s get clean just to get sweaty again. I like taking a shower after my workout, it feels great to clean the outside after taking care of the inside.
Meghan O.
I don’t take a shower before I exercise because I like to use my sleeping undergarments as motivation before I change into clean clothes.
Antonietta Z.
No, taking a shower after exercising is like the icing on the cake. It makes me feel refreshed, plus showing after exercising is needed because most times I am slightly sweaty after exercising.
Kim T.
Never. I take a shower after since I've been sweating. My preference would be to go into the sauna for ten minutes then shower after a workout.
Constantin F.
No, I feel better to shower after. Also, the natural bacteria on our skin feeds on sweat which is what makes us smell bad. So theoretically you should shower after exercise to remove the sweat and bacteria. Additionally, if you dont shower (or at least put on clean clothes) after exercise you can cause acne all over your body, especially on the back. So it would be better for you to shower afterwards 🙂
Sara E.
No, I don’t, i find it hard to exercise and I feel hot and sweaty when I get back from my run, so better to remove barriers before I exercise and have a shower afterwards instead.
Armando Z.
Not normally. If I know it will be an easy workout, like a recovery stretching day, then maybe. Usually, I'll shower after exercising.